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  • There are 3 possible events you can create. Here they are and explained how:

    • Mission Planner: The mission planner is for Main Missions in either Prime Time. You have to follow this guide line for the requirements. These events also need approval by CMs.
    • Training Planner: The Training Planner is for Training events. If you are running a Training use this calendar.
    • Community Events: This is for games other than Arma 3 or special events in Arma 3 which take place during off hours. This includes reserving the server for you and your friends to play together.

    If you do something on the Training Planner or the Community Event it is preferred that you either take the 2nd Server or make sure nothing else is running at the same time.

Events happening today

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    11 September 2020 15:00      23:30

    So a few weeks ago now I made a post about possible getting some folks together to get into the newest edition of Warhammer 40k tabletop. The idea was we would all try out the Crusade which is a narritive way to play the game so its not so hard-core. It seems like a lot of fun and we are looking to launch the first season of Crusade this weekend. 
    Figured the best way to start is to have a day where people could ask me questions about how to play 40k on TableTop Simulator. So here it is. I plan to be on the TS for most if not the entire time this event is scheduled to help people out.
    This is by no means a requirement to play in the season. We do have a discord to make it easier to find games and to answer any technical questions. If you are interested in 40k tabletop or just want to talk about the lore or anything Games Workshop hit me up for an invite link.
    ~ Slouchy

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    11 September 2020 20:30      22:59

    Would like to have another night of playing this. It recently got an update where roles aren't confirmed when ejecting people and Innocent confirming tasks can be turned off so it will make for a very different experience 
    This will start whenever first main ends for those wanting to do both (probably myself)
    For those who have never seen or played this game before:
    It's basically a murder mystery game. Innocents (Crewmates) complete tasks and try and uncover who the Traitors (Imposters) are. Crewmates win by completing all the tasks or finding who the imposters are. Imposters win by killing almost all the crewmates. 
    We'll rotate through all the maps for a different experience and basically go as long as people have interest.
    If we get enough for 2 big groups (8/9 per group) then we will do multiple lobbies swapping players every few games
    I'll be taking a shot every time Rabit snaps my neck

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