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So going to be testing an AI script module and need a couple of people to help test.

This will be held after 1st main and on FK4.

This requires current FK modset plus one more. Get the modset Here.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rKny_wPujoO_wX20vgzXt6LwLjSH479u This is the google drive link for the AI mod.

To install copy file into a folder, I used my workshop folder, then open arma 3 launcher and load local mod.

So this AI module is coming from old friends that have decided to rekindle their passion for arma and a new AI mod has been born and is currently in beta. The thing is it is really built for scripted mission not Zeus but I have been working with him to trial it as Zeus and if it goes alright I'll suggest it as a new module to add.

Hoping to get around a squad of people to test it with. If you keen just reply to the event, I'll take that as an rsvp.


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Hi @Servok

Was checking out the modset but there is no steam download link for the AI module its just showing local and importing the modset in the launcher gives an error? Is it on the steam workshop or can you provide a link to download separately to import into the launcher?

I presume this is the module -> saasv4    

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