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DCS: Operation Resolute Fury


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This is a mission taking place in DCS, and it is PvP



Iraqi Air Force


2x AJS-37 Viggen(Anti-Ship)

1-1: @info

1-2: @anden3

2x M-2000C(Escort)

2-1: @Spartan_MiniMe

2-2: @SABER

2x Mig-29S(Escort)

3-1: @chuckinator3000

3-2: @Thorimus

AWACS: @Wheezy


You have been tasked with bringing glory to Iraq by destroying American ships! You will be scrambled from Kutaisi to perform a strike against Carrier Strike Group 3.

The Strike Group is to the west and currently steaming westward. The Americans will most likely send their puny fighters at you, swat them from the sky and hit an American Ship with our missiles!

Radio Freq:




U.S. Navy


4x F/A-18C

1-1: @alt_sanity

1-2: @Kerry

1-3: @SilentGunner13

1-4: @KingShibe

AWACS: @TheMinion


We have detected a flight of bogies, unknown type and number, that are heading directly for our Carrier Group. You are the Alert 5 Aircraft and are being scrambled to intercept and if necessary, destroy them. If they come within 120 Km of the Carrier Group, displaying hostile intent, you are cleared to engage.

Radio Freq:


General Tips for Mission Success:

1. Adhere to your tasking

2. Stay with your wingman

3. Focus on the objective

To participants: please meet in the temporary room on TS 10 minutes before the listed time with your game loaded


BLUFOR-Drive away or eliminate the bogies.

REDFOR-Successfully strike a U.S. Navy Ship.


BLUFOR-Allow a U.S. Navy ship to be hit by missiles.

REDFOR-Be eliminated by the BLUFOR.

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1 minute ago, Spartan_MiniMe said:

All slots are full

Yeah sorry, retarded and can't read. Just wanted to delete but you were very quick to respond.

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Just now, Glad1us said:

Yeah sorry, retarded and can't read. Just wanted to delete but you were very quick to respond.

All good

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My schedule changed and I'll wont be able to show up until an hour after it starts, if you need to switch me out then go ahead, sorry for the late notice.

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