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I aim to fit 3 missions into this event

  • Thunder Run - A US Supply Convoy traverses Route 14 - 41 Players
  • Two Stroke Swing - A USMC Platoon investigates claims of NVA activity - 36 Players Note: This mission has not yet been completed!
  • Tigerland - 1959, a ARVN Marine Platoon patrols An Lao valley with the help of US Special Forces Advisors - 33 Players



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Do you just download it the same way as instructed in the previous mission "Rumble in the Jungle" ?

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16 hours ago, Codomain said:

Do you just download it the same way as instructed in the previous mission "Rumble in the Jungle" ?

Yeah, same as before - just need the updated FK modpack


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2 hours ago, Sarissa said:

Yeah, same as before - just need the updated FK modpack


Grand. I'll give it a go, although i'm not great at installing mods

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It appears that the first mission will be way to long. i was promised that we would make it in time but i believe we wont


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Mission 1 - Convoy

This mission was fairly straight forward but enjoyable 

It was my first time driving a proper heavy vehicle but i enjoyed it. 

My gunners @ecks-itdyl and @Not Connor did a fine job.

I had a good time.


Mission 2 - Village Assault 

I liked the entrance in the helos and the music and the premise of the mission. 

The mission was going well until while crossing a body of water an explosion killed our entire squad bar myself and @mulletshock.

It was at this point I realised that for some reason I couldn't talk anymore while alive. 

The rest of the mission consisted of myself trying to communicate with head movements while our squad advanced into the jungle to get picked off one by one.


Mission 3 - 1959 patrol 

This mission got off to a very bad start for me. My game minimised its self and when i clicked to reopen it, i unknowingly fired a round into the back of @SuddenDeath's skull. 

It wasn't until someone told me that i found out i killed him. 

After that  my MUTE self and squad mates landed and continued on our way. A

fter a long trek we came across strong resistance. 

A grenade killed most of our squad including our squad lead @Leftymonster

After the fire died down the only ones left were myself, @Drett and @Doctadoone.

We continued our trek and after using smoke to signal and witnessing a helo crash into the hill we were picked out.

I tried to restart my team speak again to cure my voicelessness (it didn't work) and when I returned I was informed that I had We had crashed into a tree and all died.



Thank you @Sarissa for organising this. I really enjoyed it despite the the fact I was mute.

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