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FK Quarantine Festival

Mission Planner

Event details

Teams of 3, 3 rounds - tanks, heli's and boats.

Bonus rounds all in pawnee's (little birds with dumbfires and coax) and all in buzzard jets.

So this is an event that I took on after enjoying Netherals original ones when I first joined FK.

Rules will be stated at the time, but everyone will has a long range aswell as short range for team comms and shit talking/updates from myself as zeus/warnings, etc.

Markers will be put on the map to indicate the zone which all teams much stay within, if the round goes on long enough the zone size will be decreased and teams given a set period to make their way inside it.

All normal gear restrictions are off apart from no one is to have any lock on/wire guided weapons, i.e. you can take RPG's, SPMG's, etc. but not a javelin.

You are all free to set yourselves as medics so you can medic each other within your teams, if you just get injured during the round.

Please feel free to ask any questions below in advance, so I can have a think about it before the event.

At the end of each round I will simply respawn people to save us all reloading.

Anyone that doesn't have a team organised before the event can simply join together at the start, we will sort it as part of 'slotting'.

All group markers will be removed, however if rounds go on too long I will then apply group markers to remaining teams to help speed things up!







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