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So this is the starting day for the first Crusade season for Warhammer 40k. Crusade is focused on narritive game play allowing players to watch their armies grow and evolve as they fight. 

Crusade has built in features to allow new armies to be on even ground with veteran armies, so if you can't play this weekend no need to worry.

We are currently just running the vanilla system with the only change being we are using points over PL. We did this since some lists are in desperate need of updating and with releases being out of sync of each other this only compounds the imbalance.

I am calling this Season 1 because there may be changes in the future that may require us to reset everyone's lists. There is no determined length for the season so do not feel pressured to play 3 games a day.

We have a Discord that we use to find games easier and to answer any questions. It is not requires to be in this channel to participate. 


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