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Badger's Belters: Operation Bagman


Community Events
Monocled Badger

Event details

This will take place on FK#2 from 1600 BST - 1800 BST
The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it. As a result, the follow constraints are in play.

To attend you MUST RVSP and declare your slot.

1) No Respawns - Dead is Dead.
2) No Resupplies - Take only what you need
3) Markers will not be provided by Crossroads, only Grid Refs.

This will be slower paced than most people are used to, and this mission in particular has a focus on evasion and subtly, rather than firefights.

Event details
Player Faction

NAVAL Special Warfare Group TWO - SEAL Team 4 - Team 2
1 x 10 Man Squad

Friendly Forces

Opposing Forces
Contracted PMC Elements
Virolathti Government Forces

Operation Bagman
After some time with the Documents and Electronics recovered by Team 1 in Operation Balancing Act, Langley has managed to determine that a key supplier of the materials through Black Market means was conducting a sale in Virolathti this month, in a small area known as "Suopelto" (GRID REF 032 133). Team 2 has moved upon the site and seized the HVT dubbed "The Contractor". However while the assault has gone smoothly it seems that the The Contractor had a number of contracts and deals with the host government and our original method of extraction via Blackhawk is untenable. 

As a result, a secondary extraction method is being used via Naval assets. The USS Greeneville is moving into a position offshore where another team will prep and store Assault RHIBs for Team 2 to exfil and rendezvous with the USS Greeneville and extract from the AO. The Greenevilles team will attempt to stash the RHIBs at a dock slightly outside of "Sorapelto" (GRID REF 029 063), the closest available area to Team 2s position. The team will signal when the extraction area is prepped, or if any alterations need to be made.

Additionally to assist with the teams movement and extraction as well as to monitor the situation - a MQ-9 Reaper drone is moving to assist, however it will not be on station for approximately 20 minutes.

Whilst the initial assault on the The Contractor yielded no casualties and hostile forces bar the him were destroyed in their entirety, additional contracted PMC elements have communicated with the Host government and both groups are starting to comb the area to recover the HVT. While both elements would not seek to directly endanger The Contractor - they have been told to use all means and force at their disposal.

Due to the overwhelming force present, evasion over direct action is preferable. Otherwise the Team risks becoming bogged down, surrounded and captured. Additionally due to the fluid nature of this situation, no map Intel is present.

Primary Objectives
1) Exfil from the Target Area on foot
2) Keep the HVT Alive at all costs

NAVAL Special Warfare Group TWO - SEAL Team 4 - Team 2
(Note: The 2 drone operators are for the Single drone. Having 2 Operators means bounding movements can be done and Drone Uptime is high without leaving someone far behind)

Squad Lead: @KingShibe (No Tags)
First Fireteam Lead: @Veagance
First Fireteam Autorifleman: @LurkerOne
First Fireteam Drone Operator
First Fireteam Rifleman: @Conga Line of Neckbeards
Second Fireteam Lead: @Wheezy
Second Fireteam Autorifleman: @SgtEpsilon
Second Fireteam Drone Operator: @L00_Cyph3r
Second Fireteam Rifleman: @magnusnielsen

Gear Restrictions:
(Square brackets denote mod)

           UNIFORM : G3 Multicam Black [FK]
           VEST : MBAV Black (Any Variant) [FK]
           HELMET : FAST Ballistic (Black/Headset) [RHS Blue]
           FACEWEAR : Face Shield + Shemagh (BLK) [RHS Blue] // Face Shield + Goggles//Shemagh (BLK) [RHS Blue] 
           BACKPACK : Kitbag (Black) [UK3CB] 
           RIFLE : H&K HK416 D14.5 (CAG) [NIArms] - IOR-Valdada Pitbull 2 - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHS Blue] - NT4 QDSS (Black) [RHS Blue]  -  5.56MM SOST 30Rnd PMAG [NIArms]
           LMG : M249 PIIP (Short/Para) [RHS Blue] - IOR-Valdada Pitbull 2 - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHS Blue] - NT4 QDSS (Black) [RHS Blue] 
           PISTOL : SigSauer P226R Combat [NIArms] - V-TAC Sights (P226) [NIArms] -  Steiner DBAL-PL (IR) [NIArms] - AAC Evolution 9 [NIArms] - 9mm Subsonic 15rnd P226 Magazine) [NIArms]
           LAT : NONE
           OPTICS : Rangefinder
           NVG : Head-Mounted NV System [BAF]
           RADIOS SR - AN/PRC-152 [TFAR] / LR  - [ILBE] RT-1523G (ASIP) + Whip Antenna (Black) [Ilbe]

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Posted (edited)

Assuming i can get my Arma fixed can i take Salader's AR spot please

Edited by SgtEpsilon

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Monocled Badger


Sorry to all waiting for my off hours calendar. My sleep cycle has completely inverted and I didn't manage to stay awake for it. Going to reschedule it for hopefully when I have fixed my sleep issues.

I'll repost it as a clean event

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1 hour ago, Monocled Badger said:

Sorry to all waiting for my off hours calendar. My sleep cycle has completely inverted and I didn't manage to stay awake for it. Going to reschedule it for hopefully when I have fixed my sleep issues.

I'll repost it as a clean event

You're all good Badger, sleep happens

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