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Operation Track


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Operation Track


Due to recent growth in V.C activities our two regional bases are currently in the process of being combined into one base located at Camp Martin, the deconstruction of the second base was completed today and the final convoy of equipment was due to arrive at Camp Martin two hours ago. However, they have failed to arrive or report in to explain the delay. Initial aerial recon has turned up nothing so the decision has been taken to send in your squad to locate the missing convoy. You will be flown into the marked drop off point where transport will be delivered to you shortly after. The convoy's planned route is marked in blue and the heavy rain endured by the region in the last 48 hours should show any deviation taken by the convoy, you are to follow the tracks left by the convoy as they passed through, and if the tracks deviate from the planned route you are to follow them. You are equipped to deal with the recovery of dead or injured personnel and the repair of any damaged vehicles. As said vehicles were carrying important equipment they are to be recovered at all costs, however if this is not possible you are to destroy them, any bodies of U.S troops are also to be recovered. The aircraft that brought you into the A.O will remain on standby to recover anything you find. Although V.C activity has been on the rise we believe that they are yet to establish any form of "regional HQ", it is more likely that they are currently relying on local support from civilians. Assuming this is the case, any contact you do encounter during your search, should be limited in size and in heavy capability. Standard V.C tactics are still to be expected, so be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Finally, due to the time sensitive nature of the operation your squad level briefing will have to take place on your way to the LZ.






MISSION SUMMARY: This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the Vietnam War. The mission will be making use of the Arma 3 Unsung mod which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list.  Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Vietnam/Faction based weaponry and will be restricted per your chosen role. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. Squad Structure and PTLN structure have been changed to accommodate the theme and structure of operations in the Vietnam War.









(Slots limited to 10)


  1. Only Weapons and equipment from the Unsung mod may be used within the mission.
  2. Short Range Radios are prohibited.
  3. Night vision equipment is prohibited.
  4. BFT and GPS systems will be disabled/prohibited.
  5. Looting of enemy primary weapons is restricted, looting of enemy supplies is permitted. Should resupply not be available, emergency procurement of enemy weapons is permitted.
  6. Respawns: unlimited but only granted when the following criteria are met. (this is a test of concept, feedback is more than welcome.)
    1. Five minutes has passed since the FIRST death of a squad member.
    2. over 50% of all dead squad members are in body bags and inside a helicopter.


All Uniform & Equipment is already assigned via the template.




  • Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: On Request


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