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HoI4 Historical Multiplayer Game

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HOI4 Event


This is a HOI4 Event for everyone who'd like to participate in it. 

The game will be historical and we will put our tryhard pants on. Below you can find all the information needed to join the game.



There are some rules, however most of them are in effect to keep balancing and to improve stability. Generally you could sum up the rules with the following:

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Stay within your historical focuses.
  3. No exploits or abusing of broken or insanely OP game mechanics.
  4. No Ragequitting, if you gotta go you gotta go, but try to stay for the entirety of the game.
  5. Rules Doc (again only there for balancing and stability!) 



The following countries can be filled and played. If you choose to play a major, make sure you know what you are doing. Coop-Players are allowed (1 per) and must be approved by the Primary player. 

Comment below with the nation you would like to play and we'll set you up. If your nation is not on the list, we can add it, once all the other slots are filled. You can request Minors, but may be asked to move to a Major if required.




We will only be using two mods. These are Road to 56 and Player-Led-Peace-Conferences. Download them here and here.




Pinging some people that may be very interested in this :D @riccardi48 @Urist McGLORY @KingShibe @Lexic @Griffin68965 @Resurge @Slim @Legendo @Will9455 @Rtiler96 @Vericht @thePier anyone else who wants to join ofc


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please tell me someone will be streaming this. Sounds like it'll be a hoot to watch

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Too Noob to play atm. Would love to when I can be confident to play in a Multiplayer sense

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Posted (edited)


Give me Siam - I might change my mind later


Just some suggestions 

I think you should add a couple more nations here such as Spain and South Africa.

Having a Spain is important so they can manage the civil war and help the axis grind their generals traits. Silber did you write these rules?

South Africa is important when it comes down to holding Egypt/Suez by building heavy tanks. And having heavy tanks in general is really important if you want to have any breakthrough


  • Spain


  • South Africa


(FYI I didnt get a notification for the ping so it might be borked??)

Edited by Legendo
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My pick would be Hungary, wouldn't mind South Africa if it becomes available

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Spartan had to pull out for now. 

That means that we're currently missing a UK-Player. If anybody knows someone or wants to ask around etc. go right ahead :) 

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It's a bit late for me especially with work on monday but thanks for the ping nevertheless!

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@Silberjojo I can just eat half of it as Hungary then, but I will leave it to rest of the Axis players if you want me to switch I will

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