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Operation Beacon- Part 2


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Apex DLC required!

Operation Beacon-Part 2
Start Time: Early evening
Weather: Stormy



After the successful destruction of the enemy AA systems and the catastrophic failure of the exfil attempt, alongside the loss of their leader, the group now finds themselves running headlong into the jungle and away from death or capture. The enemy is now on full alert, and more than enough time has passed to allow their heavier assets to mobilize. The survivors end goal now, is to get the hell off of the island, however you never leave a man behind. So before they can leave they must find out what happened to their missing member and if possible rescue them, the regions Prison Facility is probably a good place to start. If all else fails they should at least find out where he is being held so a rescue attempt can be launched at a later date. They are faced with two possible exit strategies: Option 1. make for the U.S embassy. If done directly this would involve traversing difficult terrain which is swarming with alert enemy combatants, and even if they reached the embassy it would likely be surrounded by a cordon of hostile forces. A possible alternative is to make for the Fishing facility in Harcourt and steal a boat, while this would allow them to move to port near the embassy and bypass the cordon, it would mean a noticeably longer walk through enemy territory. Not to mention dodging the checkpoints on the bridge between the two islands. Although if they did make it they would be safe from reprisal, then it would be down to the politicians to sort it out. Option 2. the alternative however is if anything even more risky. It would mean assaulting the militarized main airport and trying to steal an aircraft, with no guarantee that the CIA pilot would be able to fly any of the planes available. However if they could manage it, they would be home free, after all they did just blow up the islands main AA systems. Calling for backup doesn't seem to be an option either. Crossroads isn't answering suggesting that communications off of the island have been blocked. It would seem that comms between the two squads have also been intercepted, as the enemy had been reacting to their movements very quickly in the run up the disaster. To make matters worse the Assault team was not expecting night time fighting, and as such are not equipped for it, so they might be forced to divert to the Recon Base to equip themselves The Recon base also holds general supplies. Although this would increase the chance of being found even further. Whatever option they choose it would pay to be careful and take things slowly if required, it is better to arrive late than dead.


Zeus' Note! completing all objectives in one mission is not mandatory. Do what you can in the time given, and if needs be a Part 3 will be created. It is better for you to take your time and be cautious, than to try and rush it and fail.




The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it, and i reserve the right to pick those who i believe best suit the mission.







(This event only has 10 slots. As this is Part 2 of a mission the players who were in Part 1 have been placed in
their previous slots and have priority regardless of tags. If said people are not able to attend or simply don't want to, please let me know.)


*Assault One Lead is considered to be PLT*
*For people who played part 1: Slots are not identical to before
but you are all in the equivalent slot.*
*Demo and LAT start with depleted kit due to it being expended
in part one.*


Assault One:

Scout Team:






  1. There will be no briefing other than the text at the top, you're going straight in.
  2. Loadouts are scripted
  3. 1 respawn for each Milestone reached (recon camp reached for example)
  4. Looting of enemy weapons and uniforms is allowed (ping zeus to allow technical changes)
  5. BFT disabled.
  6. Side channel markers only to be used when the majority of players can talk in local
  7. When using an LR the enemy will know the location of the sender if active transmission lasts longer
    than 25 seconds for every 10 minutes of IRL time. The recipient is not affected




Loadouts are scripted





  • Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: On Request
  • Modset: Standard FK modset


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