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Badger's Belters: Operation Ransom


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Monocled Badger

Event details

This will take place on FK#2 from 1600 - 1800 GMT
To attend you MUST RVSP and DECLARE YOUR SLOT. Tags take priority and will be respected, however final slotting is at my discretion.

The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it. As a result, the follow constraints are in play.

1) No Respawns - Dead is Dead.
2) No Resupplies or looting - Take only what you need
3) Markers will not be provided by Crossroads, only Grid Refs.
4) No BFT

Event details
Player Faction
US (Naval Special Warfare Development Group) (BLUFOR)

DEVGRU - Blue Squadron
3 x 5 Man Assault Teams

HQ Support
2 x Yabhon R3 Drone (1 x Pilot each)

Friendly Forces (BLUFOR)

Opposing Forces (OPFOR)
Cartel Militia

Time of Operation (ToO)

Operation Ransom
Several days ago a US National was taken hostage in a street snatch and grab from San Antero in Columbia. We believe from intelligence that they are being held somewhere in the South-East of the region marked on the map but we do not have an accurate location. Communication from the Cartel always comes from on the move callers inside the cities themselves making tailing them difficult. Due to the existing time pressure 3 Assault Teams will be inserted via HALO jump at Dusk tonight with the intent of searching the marked area, eliminating Cartel members you come into contact with and rescuing the dependant. 



Once the dependant has been secured and signalled to Crossroads for extraction, the assault force in full will move to the Airfield to the North East. There will be possible Cartel presence there so be careful. A CH-47 Is on Station to extract the force once the LZ has been secured.  HQ is putting on station 2 Yabhon R3 drones to assist with intel and any direct strikes on fixed positions or hostile vehicles. Due to the flight time once the ordnance on each drone has been expended, there will not be a resupply. They will however remain on station for intel purposes.

Due to the fuel concerns of the CH-47 and the awkwardness of our staging, you will have 2 hours from Insertion to make extraction viable, before the CH-47 has to turn around.

You MUST RVSP and DECLARE YOUR SLOT. Tags take priority and will be respected, however final slotting is at my discretion.
DEVGRU - Blue Squadron - Assault Team 1 - "Assassin" - Slotting Guide
           Team Leader: @LurkerOne
           Combat Life Saver: @Melo (No Tags)
           Assaulter: @Conga Line of Neckbeards
           Assaulter: @EpsilonNiner
DEVGRU - Blue Squadron - Assault Team 2 - "Hitman"
           Team Leader: @Silberjojo
           Combat Life Saver: @Karzak (No Tags)

DEVGRU - Blue Squadron - Assault Team 3 - "Raptor" 
           Team Leader: @Veagance
           Combat Life Saver: 

HQ Support Element
           Crossroads: @Monocled Badger
           Yabhon R3 Drone - "Viper": @L00_Cyph3r (No Tags)
           Yabhon R3 Drone - "Blackbird":  @TheSalader (No Tags)

(Note: Drone Pilots will be made invincible and invisible for Quality of Life - Radio Comms, not having to keep pace, Immersion/realism as they would be back at HQ etc so the pilots will be purely droning)

Gear Restrictions (Square brackets denote mod)
DEVGRU - Blue Squadron
           UNIFORM : G3 Uniform (Ranger Green) [RHSBlue]
           VEST : JPC (Team Leader/Marksman/Medic/Assaulter) (RGR) [Military Gear Pack]
           HELMET : FAST Ballistic (Foliage Green/Headset/Cam) [RHSBlue]
           FACEWEAR : M40 Protective Mask|BlackFilter/DarkLins|| [M40 Gas Mask]
           BACKPACK : Patrol 01 (RGR) [Military Gear Pack]
           RIFLE : HK416 D10 (DEVGRU) [NIArms - TA31RCO-RMR [RHSBlue] - AN/PEQ-15/M952V Black (Laser) [RHS Blue] - AAC M4-2000 [NIArms] - 5.56MM SOST 30Rnd PMAG [NIArms]
           DMR : Mk 11 Mod 0 (EC) [RHSBlue] - KITE (MAXIKITE [UK3CB] - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHSBlue] - AAC 762-SD [RHSBlue] - Bipod (Black) [NATO] [Base Game] - 20rnd SR-25 M993 AP [RHSBlue]
           PISTOL : SigSauer P226R [NIArms] - Steiner DBAL-PL (IR) [NIArms]  - 9mm FMJ 15rnd P226 Magazine [NIArms]
           LAT : NONE
           OPTICS : Rangefinder [Base Game]
                           TL ONLY : Laser Designator (Khaki/Olive) [Base Game]
           NVG : AN/PVS-15 [RHSBlue]
           RADIOS : SR - AN/PRC-152 [TFAR]  
                            LR - RT-1523G (ASIP) + Whip Antenna (MCT) [Ilbe]

Recommended Comments

Sasquatch Rick

Posted (edited)

Assaulter, Hitman.  Scratch that, had a brain fart and forgot D&D was scheduled for the same time & day.

Edited by Sasquatch Rick

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Sorry Badger, please take my name off.  I can't play tomorrow at all. 😭 I was thinking we were playing this morning. 

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Monocled Badger


@LurkerOne @Melo @Conga Line of Neckbeards @EpsilonNiner @Silberjojo @Karzak @Veagance @L00_Cyph3r @TheSalader

Due to the lack of sign ups, I will be rescheduling this some time in the future, I rather have everyone experience the full mission rather than a trimmed down version of it and also I don't want to cuck someone from the 2nd drone slot.

Since you guys have stayed committed and signed up, you will have priority over the slots when I repost this event. I will @ you when that gets made for awareness, apologies to all.

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I apologize for not being able to join at the last minute.  I love the missions and I'll still try to join when I can. ❤️

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