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Blueline TvT (Invitational OP)

Community Events

Event details

FKGaming has been invited to join in on a European Arma3 Event TvT mission. 
This mission will require the contact DLC

What is European Arma 3 Events?

European Arma 3 Events (EA3E for short) is a gathering of many different European-Based Arma 3 Communities. They hold joint operations with a mixture of TvT Combat and the more conventional TvE (Do note, the mission we will be attending is a TvT).

Mission Information:

The Short Story for the basis of the Operation can be found in This Google Doc

The game should take around 90 minutes to 2 hours (once started).

Modset Setup & Timings
The information regarding Modset / Timings can be found in This Google Doc. (Do note, since AFI is hosting this event, they use a custom mod installer AFISync which can be found in the aforementioned document).

A basic breakdown would be this (Note, all timings are in UTC)
* Join Teamspeak & Arma Server at 15:30 - 15:45
* Slotting on the server: 16:00
* Briefing: 16:15
* Game Start: 16:35

There will be a short intermission after Game 1 ends, after which, Game 2 will start with a similar (but quicker) slotting process as outlined above.

The main Roster can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vi7gbySfPV90whaVfJf4lxfuxXBlXfCB7ZlAUm416lk/edit#gid=0 .

The slots FK have are as followed:

Link to PR discord where most communication and information will be done: https://discord.gg/vGT9Xjs5Dd (Ask for Emissary Role)
If you wish to take a particular slot, please post it in a comment as well as RSVPing to this post. 

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