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Run Through The Jungle - SOG CDLC OffHours Mission


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 This mission will be on FK#5, and will require the SOG CDLC. There will be reservations for one squad, but if more people turn up they can perhaps form a second squad. (RSVP to show interest)


"Your MACV SOG unit was deployed to the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but your RON (remain overnight) site has been discovered by VC. You need to move out at first light and find an extraction. Your first extract bird was shot down on infil so you gotta continue onwards to find another way out. Luckily, COVEY and their Pink Team will be available to help keep you boys safe as you try to make your way North and find some way out of this hellhole. They have 1 spare seat in that Loach, but that should only be used to airlift emergency casualties to the Maxwell Field base medic. Lifting you out one by one would be suicide. Just keep moving North until we can find a way to get you boys out."

Objective List:

  • Move North, survive. 
  • Await further from Crossroads.


COVEY's Pink Team will be deployed from the nearby Maxwell Field island strip to the South West of this AO.


  • No BFT/GPS.
  • No marking in side after brief.
    • Only mark in group if whole squad is together.
  • Air and ground briefs will be separate, and will be in separate sides ingame.
  • Equipment of any kind only from the SOG DLC. (ACE generic items like medical, map tools etc exempt).
  • US equipment only (RPD and Type 56 Exempt).
  • No magnification/scopes.
  • Radios: Only SL/TL can take a URC-10 SR. Only RTO may take a LR.
  • Only SL/TL may take binoculars.
  • No ballistic protection in vests.
  • 2 GLs may be taken per team, either as UGLs, primaries or secondaries.
  • M16/XM177 may only take 20 round mags.
  • Take many grenades and mines ;)


1x OH-6A Cayuse (Gunship/FAC), 1 spare
1x AH-1G Cobra (M195/FFAR), 1 spare
Airborne FAC, "COVEY", on board the Cayuse (aka Loach)

[Tags and regs priority for reserving. Also, I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]

1,1"Columbia" Lead (SL Tags):
1,1 RTO (Leadership tags): 
1,1 Medic (Medic Tags):

1,1 Machine Gunner (Regs+): @riccardi48
1,1 Rifleman (Regs+): @UniDigit
1,1 Rifleman (Regs+): @Zenthar

1,2 Team Leader (TL Tags): @PVT. J. Mohammed
1,2 Medic (Medic Tags): 
1,2 Machine Gunner (Regs+): @Sasquatch Rick
1,2 Rifleman (Regs+): @Ventfarter
1,2 Rifleman (Regs+): @FloofyFloof

2 - Overflow and cannot be reserved. If interested please RSVP so I can gauge numbers. Please know that a slot cannot be guaranteed if you RSVP however.

Cayuse / Loach Pilot (RW Pilot Tags): @Griffin68965
COVEY (FAC Tags): @LurkerOne

Cobra Pilot (RW Pilot Tags): @info
Cobra Gunner (RW Gunner Tags): @L00_Cyph3r



  • Name: FK #5 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma5.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2502
  • Password: On Request
  • Modpack
    • S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC required!!!!!!!!!

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Posted (edited)

Cobra gunner or pilot please, have tags for both. Will take whichever is not taken.

Edited by L00_Cyph3r

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I wish to request one of the 1,1 Rifleman or 1,2 Rifleman slots in whatever way you deem appropriate. Thanks in advance.

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Regarding the ping on discord, the date is going to remain the same.

However, we now no longer have anyone in SL/TL or RTO. These slots are pretty critical to the mission, so someone will need to take them, please.

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gggrrrrr.....please remove me from playing.  I have to pissin' work during mission time. 🤬😭

  • Sad 1

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I'll yoink a rifleman in Servok's squad, or preferably a machinegunner if one opens up

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