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Operation Ivory Coast


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S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC required!

Operation Dixon




We have received information that the Son Tay regional prison camp is holding multiple U.S personnel, and airborne surveillance has shown the potential for a rescue operation to get them out. Your group of special forces will be sent in via HH-3E "Jolly Greens" (the LZ will be decided by your PLT on the day, after reading the report provided by the recon teams). Once on the ground time will be of the essence, you will have to reach and rescue the prisoners (who are believed to number around 5) before the guards have time to react. Once you have them secured you will then have to return to your LZ and extract with the prisoners, before any local enemy forces have the time to react in full. The helicopters will be leaving the AO while you conduct the operation and will take time to return in order to pick you up. Be sure to take this into consideration when planning.

Intel on the region is sparse. We know that there is an artillery battery somewhere in the region, alongside some armoured units and countless infantry. The threat of enemy air power is also a potential threat due to the operation being conducted a significant distance behind enemy lines. Further intel on the camp and it's surroundings was being gathered by our aircraft. However, since one of them was intercepted and shot down close to the camp, the flights were canceled, with two three man teams being sent in as a backup. These teams will gather as much intelligence as they can, and will report back when they have completed their report. (Link to the recon report. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AX5Cm-WmqoIofNk5bz71KkFX1ckpJZbE-u8kQd1mGZk/edit. Big thanks to those who took part in the recon event.)

We have attempted to equip you with as much gear as is feasible, without compromising you ability to move quickly. Light AT kit has been provided, along with an MG team. Grenades are also available, although they are to be used extremely carefully as to not injure the prisoners. Your "Pointmen" have also been provided with explosives, while you are carrying out your tasking you are to take the opportunity to blow anything of use that happens to be there. Note that this tasking is very much secondary. We will unfortunately be unable to provide support from either the air or artillery side of things. our air wings will be busy trying to distract the enemy air force so that they don't bomb you during your attack, and our artillery units our too far away from the camp to hit anything reliably. However, if you wish for artillery strikes to be performed anyway, it can be arranged. but only after the prisoners have been recovered. Resupply is also not an option, again due the distance as well as the difficulties of delivering it. As such, use your ammo sparingly and be sure to nab enemy equipment if required.


Zeus' note!: Further information will be gathered by two Recon teams in an off-hours mission run prior to this one. They will pass on this info to whomever requests the PLT role. For this reason, as well as the nature of your start, it is strongly requested that someone takes it ahead of time.



MISSION SUMMARY: This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the the Vietnam War during the 1960s and 1970s. This particular mission is inspired by "operation ivory coast" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Ivory_Coast), however it is not faithful to the real events. The mission will be making use of the Arma 3 mods S&S, Unsung and the DLC SOG Prairie Fire which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list.  Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Vietnam War era/Faction based weaponry and will be restricted per your chosen role. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. Squad Structure and PTLN structure have been changed to accommodate the theme and structure of operations during the Vietnam War.





(Mission is limited to 44 slots, 8 man squads)




  • PLTN:
    • PLT (PLT Tags) (XM177, M1911) @Melo (no tags)
    • PLT 2ic (2ic Tags) (XM177, M1911) Open
    • Medic (Medic Tags) (XM177) Open
    • Machine gunner (M60, M1911) (Regs+) @Tomo
    • MG assistant (XM177) (Regs+) Open


  • Alpha: 
    • Squad Lead (SL TAGS) (XM177, M1911) @Jerichron
    • Medic (MEDIC TAGS) (XM177) @Gdad
    • 2x Rifleman (XM177) (on the day)
    • Team Lead (TL Tags) (XM177, M1911) @Silberjojo
    • Pointman (M/45) (on the day)
    • 2x Rifleman (XM177, M72 LAW) (on the day)
    • Team Lead (XM177, M1911) (on the day if Alpha SL= PLT)


  • Bravo: 
    • Squad Lead (SL TAGS) (XM177, M1911) @TacticalPanda
    • Medic (MEDIC TAGS) (XM177) OPEN
    • 2x Rifleman (XM177) (on the day)
    • Team Lead (TL Tags) (XM177, M1911) OPEN
    • Pointman (M/45) (on the day)
    • 2x Rifleman (XM177, M72 LAW) (on the day)


Charlie, Delta = overflow and cannot be reserved
2x rifleman available in all squads to make 10 man.




  1. scripted loadouts (no SR radios or GPS)
  2. Looting of enemy weapons is allowed if required
  3. No resupply
  4. 2x Respawns (requested by PLT lead)
  5. BFT disabled.
  6. There will be no "Zeus" briefing, the text above is all you have.





  • Name: FK #5 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma5.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2502
  • Password: On Request
  • Modpack

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Posted (edited)

For evac do we need to return to the same LZ (Spawn) or can we make another one?

Edited by Melo
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6 minutes ago, Melo said:

For evac do we need to return to the same LZ (Spawn) or can we make another one?

Returning to the initial LZ is the safest option. However, you can make another if you so wish, albeit at your own risk.

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Posted (edited)

How will the LZ's be designated. i.e. Will I be giving grid markers for insert/evac or will we create multiple potential ones during briefing?

Edited by Melo
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39 minutes ago, Melo said:

How will the LZ's be designated. i.e. Will I be giving grid markers for insert/evac or will we create multiple potential ones during briefing?

During your briefing you should decide where you want the LZ to be (grid references would make my life easier). I will place TP poles down that will be connected to helicopters which will already be on the ground at that LZ.

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