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[ArmA 3] COD Zombies - Rise

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Event details

To be hosted on FK4 after 1st main or if 1st main ends early, 9.15 UK Time

COD Zombies - Factory

Filename : COD_Zombies-Rise_ZEN.Cam_Lao_Nam

Modset: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4jsaaphv0gg5uwc/Arma_3_Preset_Ben_Zombie_SOG_PF.html/file

PLEASE NOTE: This mission will contain bugs. Do not come expecting a completely polished mission as this is my first time ever running it with a group. 



The year is 1975. America is pulling out of Saigon. A MACV team is split up due to enemy forces, and 3 soldiers are forced into an old temple. As you explore the temple, the walls seem to close in and the team become locked in with no escape. They find out however, they aren't alone in this temple, as a small group of NVA soldiers have also fallen victim to the mystical forces within the walls of the temple. An uneasy alliance has formed, as to escape from this temple will require some help.

Rules/How To Play

The game mode is an homage to the traditional wave based Call Of Duty Zombies mode. There are wall weapons, perks, secrets, music and a mystery box. There is no points system, so new parts of the map will open up after a certain amount of waves. Your goal is to kill Zombies and survive waves.

This gamemode uses mainly SOG weaponry, so if you've been looking for an excuse to try the DLC out, this is the time to do it.


  • - 5 Perks
  • - Revamped Pack-A-Punch
  • - 30 Unique Weapons 
  • - Moving Mystery Box
  • - Accurate COD zombies sounds & music
  • - A few nice surprises...
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