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Rhea's Repeated Revelry - Birthday Edition

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Rhea's Repeated Revelry Rules:

1. Regulate your alcohol consumption - if you're too drunk you'll be asked to switch to water, if you don't get the hint and sober up a little you will be asked to take a break, if you still don't sober up you will be removed from team speak for 8 hours.

2. Games will be chosen by popular demand (straw poll) if you do not want to play the game chosen, or do not have it - you're welcome to spectate but do not throw a hissy fit. If we want to break up the room and play multiple games we can, but all drunk games need to be hosted in locked rooms (to make a locked room ask any staff member or veteran). [This Rule will be amended for the Birthday Edition - See details below]

3. If you are drunk and participating in these events DO NOT go up into the main TS rooms and interfere with other games/conversations. Once you've taken your first drink you are to quarantine yourself to the locked event rooms (or afk/quiet room) for the entirety of your inebriation.

4. Should go without saying but all instructions from staff are to be followed. If a staff member asks you to step away from your computer for a moment- do so. If you are asked to lower your voice - do it. Staff volunteer to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience on FK. If you're disturbing someone else's enjoyment a staff member shouldn't have to point out an exact rule to ask you to knock it off.

5. Webcams can be shown via discord. Please keep it PG or risk a permanent ban. No one will be pressured into turning on their webcam for any reason.

6. No one will be pressured to drink! If you'd like to enjoy playing with a bunch of drunk idiots while sober then more power to you.

7. During the event no one underage (under 18 years of age) will be openly drinking. Moderators can and will ban for up to 24 hours if a member known to be underage is openly drinking. We do not condone underage drinking in FK.

8. To keep this event safe for all involved designated "water breaks" will be announced. Games will be paused for 15 min breaks every other hour (up to event leaders digression). This will allow attendees a moment to get a glass of water, and/or visit the bathroom.

9. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. If your reaction to alcohol is to get angry, or depressed please do not drink. Just because others are drinking doesn't mean you have to partake. You can have an enjoyable night without alcohol.

10. There will be no recording or streaming. Period.


Special Birthday Edition:

This RRR event will be celebrating Rhea's Birthday therefore some rules have been amended:

Games will be chosen by Rhea

Rhea requests that attendees wear their most awesome/weird headgear/hats/hairstyles for this event 

It would be a good idea to have the following games installed and updated: Golf with Friends, Among Us, Arma 3


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