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Crusader Kings 3 Multiplayer Event

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CK3 Multiplayer Event


The rules for the Event are:

#1 Starting ruler must be a Duke or below

#2 You may make a custom character, but you are limited to 400 points, and you may not revive a dead religion or culture(Roman pantheon, Zunism, etc.)

#3 In game actions are in game actions. Don't take it personally.

#4 Don't be a dick

#5 Do not continually target another player for murder.

#6 you may not murder another player for the first 30 years of the game.


I'll make the temp room on TS and host the game 15 minutes before event start, try to be there slightly early to get connected and get your character selected/made. Ruler selections are first-come first served. We will be starting in 1066.


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