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Prophet Training


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02-September-17 Prophet Training

Capping RSVP at 4 (FOUR), most likely will not take in any more than 4 due to time constraints. If FNGs are interested (or Regs+ if RSVPs are full), you can leave a comment and, if there are no shows or time allows for it, I may bring you in, but don't count on it. Do at least try to be around or close enough to hear TS messages/pokes or Santa will put you on his naughty list.

Topics Covered

  • Basics
  • Roles available and responsibility
  • Zeroing
  • Equipment


  1. Theory: generalized/shooter thingamabobs
  2. Shooty shoots at pre-placed targets (Can count as Shooter exam/eval if requested)
  3. Theory: spotter thingamabobs
  4. Take turns as Shooter and Spotter and do the shooty shoots on a simulated objective (Can count as Spotter exam/eval if requested and/or Shooter eval)

Recommended Comments

3 hours ago, Rorkiy said:

@Judgeman @anden3 @Gditz @Chuck Yeager

I just realised, I scheduled this at a dumb dumb time 'cause admin meeting. It's gonna start an hour earlier (1PM GMT, 2PM BST, 3PM CEST) i.e. whatever the calendar shows up for you now since it's updated.

I'm afraid I can't attend then, as that's midway through my scheduled washing up time.

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I'll be on TS (quiet room most likely) and can be pinged if there's a spot for me.

EDIT : Took anden's spot. If one of those who posted before me wants, ping me on TS, I'll give you my spot. Things it's only fair x)

Edited by Isardy

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Cpt. Hawkeye

Posted (edited)

I've been real busy with first week of college, so didn't see this event until now. I'd love to take a spot if one opens up. Really want to learn prophet.


EdiT: Holy shit im tired. I thought it was this saturday, and it was 3 weeks ago. I need to sleep.

Edited by Cpt. Hawkeye

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