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Liberation of Tanoa 3/3


Mission Planner

Event details

Zeus mission


Overall goal:

You, the united warclans of Tanoa and its surrounding Islands want to get rid of their current ruler, the US, who use the geografic location of the Island as a forward outpost.

The goal of the war is to liberate the Island until the invading forces decide to retreat and prevent a civilian war from emerging in the chaos of the fighting.

Operation Fury

We have managed to push the Americans from their biggest footholds in the nothern forests of Tanoa. We have been slowly advancing south but have now received good intel on the final objectives we need to seize or destroy to push them of the islands. The last remaining armored assets have been gathered near the town of Tanouka, and at Saint-George airstrip. We have to remove any armored threats from the main Island. The tanks on the southern islands will be of no use to them, if we hold the bridge.

The biggest remaining threat of enemy air and infantry assets is around the Airoport de Tanoa. There are multiple temporary and permanent infantrybases set up on the surrounding fields. The main roads leading directly to the componds are heavily fortified. The best route of attack is from the surrounding hills.

Until now we have captured a number of assets. There are rifles for a prophet team, an abrahams tank, a bradley and an apache, each with one other vehilce on standby should the first one get destroyed.

The infantry forces can equip themselfes with a wide variety of russian and american platform rifles. We plan to lauche this attack during a short window we have figured out, where a large majority of squads are at base to change shifts. To hit this window, we have to have moved out by 19:30h(uk time). This also means, that douring the course of this mission, it will get dark. We have luckily capured countless NVG devices from killed american scum.

If this assaults succeds, the Americans are forced to leave the Islands. We allready have the backing of our brothers and sisters that are to weak to fight. They have been informed and will stay in their houses. Be sure to inflict as least damage as possible to civilian structures.


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