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Operation: Cleanup Crew


Mission Planner

Event details

This is a Zeus mission and as such will have no reserving of slots.


All the information is contained within this Pastebin, however I will write it in full below. https://pastebin.com/Bdh4MPcF





Dual Platoons missions are back!.  Chinese PLA and UN forces.

Chinese Codename: CRANE.  UN Codename: DOVE  

ABC/DEF Squad Split across the Platoons.



The Chinese PLA have generously offered to step in to help Unspecified-istan fight against the invading Russian forces.  However they have had little disregard for local populations and as such the UN have stepped in to keep an eye on them and clean up their shit afterwards.  

The Chinese PLA must storm through civilian towns and eliminate any military presence there.  The UN must then move in, provide aid to any injured civilians and make sure the area is safe again.  There is a possibility with the speed the PLA are moving at that enemy QRF may arrive at a town long after the Chinese have left, so UN may have to defend themselves then.

Blufor tracking will be OFF.



UN: 1x UH-60M MEV (ESSS) (Medivac chopper for civvies) + 2x Supply Trucks to deliver


Chinese get 1x Ural per squad for transport

UN have 1x White UN Ural per squad.



Chinese Squads: 66.

UN Squads: 65.  

Platoon leaders+Xroads: 69.  

Heli can sit on: 68 or 65.  




Chinese PLA:

UNIFORM: Type07 (Wood) + variants | VEST: Type 15 Vest (wood) + variants | HELMET: QGJ03


I don't care as long as there's blue UN helmets + vests. (At Plt leader discretion)

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