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Regs and FNGS 

RSVP is capped at 3 due to how much will need to be taught and the maximum number of Zeus  for any of the servers is four I will most likely NOT bring in any extras. Leave your name in the comments if you want but do not expect to be brought in unless there is a no-show. I will leave about 10 - 15 minutes for people who are running late to still join, if you are not here by then your slot will go to someone els. PLEASE be on the TS 5 - 10 minutes before the training starts to make sure all Zeus slots are working.

Topics covered:

  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Basic Long Range Communications
  • Understanding the basic units/groups
  • Understanding all the basic modules
  • Understanding the meaning and basic of map markers

Rules - when in the middle of explaining different modules DO NOT start spawning unites and start messing around

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48 minutes ago, Judgeman said:

Then why sign up not much to real teach you

Idk, was hoping this would lead into getting Zeus tags

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OK i make it clear here, but in future i add it 2 the info but this training does not lead into Zeus Tags this teaches people the basic and understanding of Zeus if you want to earn your Zeus Tags, you need to Zeus Main mission and i will need to sit in and eval you on your missions

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Not gonna do this one but might do it later on. Would you say that it is necessary to zeus Off Hour before this? I've never been zeus nor wank seater. So I am totally new to how you do things. Perhaps my question has become too far, what I am asking is more or less: what knowledge base do you expect of people signing up for this sort of training? 

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@Lagge15 with my zeus training i don't expect people to know anything, in this i show people the basics and understanding of Zeus it is a good way to learn and a nice place to start of from

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