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Tanoan Traversal


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Tanoan Traversal (Tanoa)

RSVP (capped at 44) is first come, first served. For slots shown in TOE below, regulars+ who have the tags are given priority. N.B. If possible, do your best to actually RSVP with plenty of time to spare. Too often people have RSVPed for my missions 5 minutes before the start and then say "Oh I've RSVPed" because in those cases I generally ignore last-minute RSVPs and give it to regulars who are present at the time. If you end up being late without any prior warning, your RSVP will only be held for 5 minutes after the start time.



Tanoan Nationalists have long terrorized the South-Eastern part of the main island. The local government has requested NATO's help in reclaiming control of that portion of the island. High altitude recon reports that they have set up a reinforced checkpoint on the Northern end of the Kotomo-Harcourt bridge and an AA outpost near the town of Ouméré. Intercepted comms indicate that a possible HVT is also currently quartered in the town of Luganville. FK Forces are being deployed and tasked with an RIF to eliminate the checkpoint and the AA outpost, and to gather any intel they can find in Luganville if present, and to capture or eliminate the HVT, before returning to base.


a) Enemy Forces

  • Tanoan Nationalists
  • Total strength unknown
  • Vehicles: Unknown, suspect no heavier than IFVs in play

b) Friendly Forces

  • FK Infantry Platoon (players)
  • 2x M1025A2 (M2 Variant) per squad
  • 2x UH-60M

c) Remarks

  • Infantry advised to be conservative with ammo, limited resupply capabilities in the field
  • Respawns are in WAVES every 30 minutes
  • Blackhawks will most likely NOT get respawned except in extreme circumstances


  1. Eliminate all hostiles found at the Checkpoint
  2. Destroy any and all AA emplacements near Ouméré
  3. Clear out Luganville, eliminate the HVT if present
  4. Extract to base


Supported by UH-60M and HMMVWs, ground forces are to travel in convoy formation through each objective, eliminating hostiles as you go. UH-60Ms are to provide CAS with miniguns and transport reinforcements from base. Recommend inserting forward elements using UH-60Ms to clear out the checkpoint for the platoon to cross.


  1. Supplies
    Each HMMVW has an ammo box in front that should be loaded in for the squad's use


FOX 6 Lead: Netheral
FOX 1 SL: Tomo
FOX 2 SL: Doctadoone
FOX 3 SL: Gditz
FOX 4 SL: Toasty

CONDOR 1 Pilot: cineafx
CONDOR 1 Crew Chief: Rob

CONDOR 2 Pilot: Trinoc
CONDOR 2 Crew Chief: Chuck Yeager

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Posted (edited)

I'd take a crew chief, 


EDIT: If Tags overrule me, gimme that sweet sweet Plt

Edited by Netheral

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FAC (no tags)

In case you do stuff like "second pick" I would like to flightlead (tags). (If not I'll just stay as infantry)

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3 hours ago, Vietnah said:



2 hours ago, Rogue said:

Rifleman (DMR) for FOX 3 Please

1) it’s a scripted mission. Gear is preset so dunno why you’re asking for a DMR. It doesn’t even say anywhere that it’s a Zeus mission. You’ve also attended previous scripted missions of mine with the same preset gear system so I dunno what’s different.


2) do either of those two requested slots look like they’re in the ToE? Cause if they’re not, you don’t reserve them unless it’s for an evaluation and if it’s for an evaluation, you tell the person in charge. 

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Update (2037 GMT) ToE slots filled. Event page to be updated whenever I wake up as mobile doesn’t have the formatting tools.

Fox 4 SL may open up to current SL tag holders if I suspect mission might need supervision with regards to mission flow. 


So tag holders can ask for Fox 4, but don’t expect it to change for this mission, unlike the Winter Thirsk mission earlier this week. 

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8 hours ago, Toasty said:

Fox Lead (No tags): Will do it if no one with tags wants to do it.


9 hours ago, Rorkiy said:

Update (2037 GMT) ToE slots filled. Event page to be updated whenever I wake up as mobile doesn’t have the formatting tools.


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