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Chenarus mission


Mission Planner

Event details

Mission 14: Assault the Airfield

Objectives: Take Chenarus Int'l Airport from the Russians and recover the F/A 18s that were abandoned by Chenarus forces at the beginning of the invasion. 

I am not mandating most slots this mission aside from the below. All assets are available. All slots are open at platoons discretion.


Leader: Lenny

Medical Squad

Medical Officer: | Combat Medical Technician(x2):

Medical Squad can be deployed via Humvee (Map marker MED1) or by CASEVAC Chopper (Map marker VALK1) at platoons discretion.


Multiple barrage jammers are in operation which has nullified squad level location equipment. Vehicle transponders are unaffected.


Squads are in fireteam layout however seeing as you guys insist on clumping into 8 man squads. However the SL/Auto/Grenadier/Marksman and 2iC/Auto/Grenadier/Marksman layout has been retained. Marksmen now spawn with range cards.


Assets at Balota

'Humvee' M1025A2 (M2) - Available.

'MRAP' RG-33 (M2) - Available (6)

'Gremlin' M113A3 (M2/Mk19) - Available (2)

'Dagger' Bradley M2A1ODS - Available (2)

'Broadsword' M1A1SA Abrams TUSK II - Available (2)

'Falcon' AH-6M-M Littlebird - Available (6)

'Condor' UH-60M Blackhawk - Available (6)

'Albatross' CH-47F Chinook - Available (3)

'Eagle' A-10 Warthog - Available (1)

'Venom' UH-1Y Huey - Available (2)

'Dragon' Self propelled gun - Available (2)

'Shrike' F/A-18 Super Hornet - Unavailable, current runway insufficient. Capture Chenarus International Airfield

Recommended Comments

1x Dragon self propelled gun

2x Broadsword M1A1SA Abrams Tusk II

1x Eagle A-10 Warthog

2x Falcon AH-6M-M Littlebird

4x Mrap RG-33 M2 (squads)

2x Humvee M1025A2 M2 (Platoon + medic squad)


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Chuck Yeager

Posted (edited)

In order of preference:

Flight lead

fixed wing

CASEVAC pilot if asset assigned!

Edited by Chuck Yeager

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If no one is willing to fly the A-10 I'd be more than happy to use it, otherwise I'll just stick with Medical Officer again.

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8 hours ago, Dabliu said:

If no one is willing to fly the A-10 I'd be more than happy to use it, otherwise I'll just stick with Medical Officer again.

If that's gonna happen i'll take med-officer

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dibs on second commander seat of the abrams or gunner if albert/crown cant

Edited by lokyar

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