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Gunships 101 (with a bit of 102)


Training Planner

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This is a basic on gunships ... not a basics on flying. Please make sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise train beforehand or wait for the Rotarywing 101 to come around again! If we see you have no clue how to even operate the most basic stuff in a helicopters we might ask you nicely to leave. (Kick you out)

This training will happen in groups of two (one pilot + one gunner). 


The birds we are mainly going to use for this training are the AH-1Z Cobra, AH-6M Littlebird, AH-64 Apache and Mi-24 Hind.

Main topics that will be covered:

  • The roles of a gunship
  • Your rights and duties as a gunship crew
  • The roles of specific crew slots.
  • Sensors
    • Radar
    • RWR
    • Infrared
    • Visual
    • Launch detection
  • Weapon usage
    • Main cannon
    • FFAR
    • Hellfire (Laser and Radar)
      • ACE
      • RHS
    • Wireguided
    • AA
  • Tactics and strike theory
  • IFF and making the right judgement on when to ask and when to shoot first (universal RoE)
  • Example scenarios (This is where you get to do the shooty shooty thing)
  • Emergency procedures (Same thing as in Rotarywing 101)


This training is up to everybody but regular+ get priority. If the RSVP is full come back a few hours before the training starts ... last time over a quarter of the attendees dropped out after being RSVPed. (We then just let everybody into the flight training room)

Training will be held on the second server. (Fly bois who just want to listen in and maybe learn a few new things about the ACE hellfires (but don't want to do the full training) feel free to just hop in and stay a bit in the back. Still keep in mind the template is limited to 17 people)


Btw if you got 1 hour and 45 minutes of time feel free to prepare with watching this video (keep in mind it is a bit outdated so don't take everything in it for granted)

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@cineafx would it be fine to attend to mostly train the gunner side of things?  I'd like to get an appreciation of the pilot side but I'm not skilled enough to use it myself, more than likely.

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@Tomo yes sure. The disclaimer is more for people who wouldn't be able to keep the bird in the air and do any of the standard attack manovers .... and as there are half gunner and half pilot (most likely switching once if the people in the birds want to) it should be perfectly fine


@SilentGunner13 sure!

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Let's see if i understand, i see the list full but i can get in TS and just stalk the Flight Training room to see if i can take the spot of someone who didn't showed up?

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Pretty much we have 12 trainee, 1 evaluatee and 4 trainer slots ... so we might be able to get 1 additional crew in ... we will have to take a look just before it starts.

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