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Operation Elephants Foot


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Slots in this mission are to be reserved by Regulars+ 

Apparel will be restricted

Operation Elephant's Foot is taking place at 1800 Hours, 15th of January 2016 in the Hama Governorate, Syria.
The Orontes River offensive has been going on since 30th December 2015 and is nearing its end.  Russian and Syrian forces have rallied upon a location on the outskirts of the city of Ovallestán. The objective is to take control of the area by liberating the city of Ovallestán, liberating the prison and capturing the Al Qaeda commander and the Sheikh who is believed to have committed war crimes and having knowledge over the Al Qaeda operations in the province. We have also been informed there is a heavy armour presence in the cities.  Civilians have been both imprisoned and tortured under the rule of Al Qaeda, therefore the United Nations have sent a small team of Military Police to both acquire the information about both the Al Qaeda presence in the region and the numerous war crimes the Sheikh and commander have committed. There are also reports of foreign fighters joining Al Qaeda, The U.N. has also dispatched a team of 4 doctors and an unarmed Mi-8 to be used as Evac for Wounded Civilians 
Mission success is depending on the coalition of Russian/Syrian forces ability to liberate the city and the prison as well as capture the enemy officer on-site.
Our intelligence suggests that there is a possible QRF force in the city of Mini Al Malak and in the prison and AA protecting the latter. We have been shelling the cities for months so we do not expect much resistance. The United Nations have sent a team of doctors to help civilians in need which means that you also have a responsibility to protect the doctors and their crew. The U.N. will be a part of the Russian platoon but will be operating at their own discretion. 

Intel update: The Al Qaeda have been seen planting IEDs in the Area, they seem to be preparing for the last offensive, BE CAREFUL!!
The 111th Tank Division have also sent two T-90A tanks to assist in this operation.


  • 2x T-90A (obr. 2006g.) 
  • 1x Unarmed UN Mi-8 


Slots to be reserved:

Russian Platoon:


Coordinator (2ic):  


RTO: @KerriganVK


Vehicle Crew (Hammer)


Commander: @cyanide

Gunner: @Wafflefox  

Driver @LividThor


Commander: @Vericht

Gunner: @BonSie

Driver: @mekboy_4000


U.N. Air Crew (Dove) 

Pilot: @C-O-B-R-A




Squad Lead:




Squad Lead: 

Medic: @Veagance



Squad Lead: 

Medic:  @Crazy Missy


Syrian Platoon: 


Squad Lead: @xMasterxElectric




Squad Lead:


United Nations Military Police 


Squad Lead: @Barcuck Osama


United Nations Doctor Team (Mercy) 

Head Doctor: 


Orthopedic Surgeon: @FloofyFloof

Nurse: @Fox {Grimm}



Russian Camo: 


Uniform: EMR Summer 

Vest 6B23 (Any variant) 

Helmet: 6B7-1M EMR  (Any Variant)

Weapon: AKs and PKMs


Syrian Camo:


Uniform: M93 Woodland 

Vest: OTV (MDU02) 

Helmet: PASGT-Woodland 

Weapons: AKs and PKMs 


United Nations Camo:


(Military Police only) 

Uniform: TRYK OD+OD Combat Uniform (Any Variant)

Vest: 6B23 UN (Any Variant) 

Helmet: 6B27 UN (Any Variant) 

Weapon: Any AK Variant 




Uniform: Paramedic Outfit

Vest: N/A 

Helmet: PASGT (UN) 


Slots will be finalised one hour before mission start!

EDIT: Tags will be enforced!


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United Nations Doctor Team Orthopedic Surgeon please if possible (notags)

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