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Operation Best Words

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Mission 3: Operation Best Words

Intel recovered in the previous mission along with information from some of the hostages, has given us the locations of a few hotspots of rebel forces, including some outposts. In this mission we will take care of the first two hotspots and one of the outposts. There have been a few mentions in the intel of russian shipments, but at this moment it is unclear what the meaning or contents of these shipments are.

Objective: Clear the towns of Drassen and Pintosa.

Success conditions: 

  • Both towns are cleared

Failure conditions:

  • Everyone dies


Slots to be assigned beforehand:

Role: First Pick (Backup or special condition (fuck sake lenny, just be happy with what you get))


Leader: Netheral (Monocled Badger)

2IC (optional):

FAC: V1rU5

RTO: Mrrbatty

UAV Operator (MQ4A): Anden3


Heli (x4): Chuck Yeager, Dabliu, Vericht, PVT. J. Mohammed

Jet (A10): Seami (Lenny or Chuck Yeager)


Sniper: Hydraa_

Spotter: Fidelias

Vehicle Crew (x6) (Bradley)

Lenny (Gunner with competent crew), Monocled Badger (Driver), Quebec, DHBatman (Gunner), Cyico (Driver)


Other Info:

All vehicles not destroyed in this mission will be available in the next mission, along with the newly supplied vehicles in the next mission. (helicopters will not be resupplied)

Recommended Comments

7 hours ago, Netheral said:

I'd take PltHQ if my car doesn't decide to break down again <.<

I'll be backup Plt Lead if Netheral can't make it for whatever reason.

Otherwise Bradley Driver

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