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Charlie Troop, 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment, CentCom, Fulda Gap, West Germany, 1984.


9 days ago the USSR launched a massive invasion into West Germany, with the aim of capturing Wilhemshaven and splitting our allied armies in half. CentCom & Northcom forces are fighting a prolonged withdrawal until a Counter Attack can be organised.
However, the 4th Shock Army have pushed forwards too far, too fast. Polish reinforcements have yet to fill the gaps created in this prolonged battle line; and elements of the 11th ACR have found themselves in a position to exploit this overstretched defensive line, and possibly change the tide of the war.



4x M113 (2x Crew Each, 1 per squad)
2x M1A1 Abrams MBT (Broadsword 1 & 2)
1x Multirole Cobra *
1x CAS Littlebird *


*If lost, Blackhawks will be used for Resupply & Reinforce.

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Posted (edited)

Diddly donezo

FAC - Chuck
RTO - Hekhal

M113 Driver/Commander x4

Broadsword 1 CMD - Drago
SWRD 1 Gunner - DHbatman
SWRD 1 Driver - Lizzy
SWRD 1 Loader - 

SWRD 2 Commander - Lokyar
SWRD 2 Gunner - Verich
SWRD 2 Driver  - Zoltar
SWRD 2 Loader - 

Cobra Pilot - Lukas
Cobra Gunner - Dabliu

Littlebird Pilot - Andre

Edited by Sarissa

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Posted (edited)

Tank driver or loader pls, don't mind which tank

Edit: Sword 1 driver as Zoltar requested the driver of Sword 2 :)

Edited by LizzyTrickster

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