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Operation Crimson Dragon


Mission Planner

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You are United States Marines, tasked with the invasion of northern Altis. You will be beginning you invasion from the USS Freedom with support of naval rocket artillery. You will be inserting via speedboat, with unlimited respawns until you have secured a beachhead. You are to destroy the enemy coastal operations command and seize the strategic airfield north of Abdera so that resupply and Humvees can be airdropped in. Following this, you will proceed to Abdera, eliminate the enemy garrison, capture the communications post at Pyrsos, and finally capture the enemy weapons cache at Galati. There is a possibility of MANPAD in the area. An enemy BM-21 platoon is located in Agios Konstantinos.


You will be provided the following assets:

1x Naval Artillery MLRS

1x Cobra Gunship

2x MH-60 Blackhawk

The only reservable slot is platoon lead. All other slotting will be conducted at event start.

Camo is Marpat WD

Platoon: SilberJoJo

This will take place on Server 1

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7 hours ago, Silberjojo said:

I'll take PLT Lead, no Tags

Copy. If anybody with tags wants it they can take it from you.

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