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Benji's Basic Briefing


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This is aimed at the basics for newer members, something I am always happy to go over and much easier to do this with people that actually want to learn and not in a mission briefing environment.

This may not start/stop dead on the times stated, this is me basically saying I should be around and on team speak between those times, so if anyone or a group of people would like some pointers, then we can jump on the second server (or main if not being used or only a small mission ongoing).

If I'm already in a session, just hop on and join in, but wait until I finish going over what ever it is at the time and I will then start again with you.

If I'm not in a session, either feel free to poke me or jump in the same channel and politely mention you would like to go over some training.

The aim is to discuss every thing from joining team speak, I can go over mods, etc. joining the arma server, the arsenal and everything else during briefing, right up to the point where your squad heads off to start the mission.

If I have time I can answer any questions about anything else and maybe go over a few other things, like the ace menu in more detail, medic system, etc. Thought I may need a break at some point as it is Christmas and my days off ;)

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Hey Benji, i cant make tonights ( id be about 2 hours late), would you mind doing a second session a bit later? or maybe a later one tommorow

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57 minutes ago, Brad said:

Hey Benji, i cant make tonights ( id be about 2 hours late), would you mind doing a second session a bit later? or maybe a later one tommorow

I have stuff to do between this and the main missions sorry and tomorrow I'm actually out after the training, hence making it one hour earlier...

I think your best bet here would be to ask one of the western members for a hand, I know @Slouchy Orc does some sessions, but I believe they mostly fall in line with European time, but I'm sure he would be willing to arrange to go through things with you at some point. 

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Yeah I will probably do a session or two in the coming weeks for people that can't make this one. Just keep an eye out on the calendar for them.

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