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Infantry Driving Basics


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So after someone made a comment about driving on the server in my What Are We Missing thread I thought I would do a test training session on driving basics and if things go well and there is enough interest I will do more sessions. 

What will be covered in this session is controls for driving, how to set the speed limiter, driving in conveys, parking for dismounting and spotting IED's. The vehicles we will be are using in this training session are Humvees and MRAP's there will be no armour as this is not was this training for. If you are would like to drive an and learn about armour vics then you will need to attend one of the armour driver trainings which are run by specific trainers.

As this is the first training I am doing I am going to be limiting the amount of people that can join to 10 but as I say if there is enough interest I will organise more in the future. 

**This driving basics does not count in anyway to getting driving tags. If you are are interested in getting your driver tags then please speak to the trainers @Vericht, @Don_prince or @Cyico**

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11 hours ago, Don_prince said:

Unfortunatly I can not attend to this event,

I do however support this initiative,

I spoke to Cycio and he will be at the session. 

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9 hours ago, Crazy Missy said:

@Cyico  @Glad1us @Ripley @LittleTornado @SolarPraiser @ComradeKoshak @Natsu-Kashi @TheTrainDoctor @Fizmo @Museman7

Due to on going health problems I am rescheduling this weekends driving basics for the same time next Sunday.

I will be organising 2 sessions for next Sunday @alt_sanity the 2nd one will be from 16.30 GMT/17.30 CET/11.30 EST

Get well soon @Crazy Missy!

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