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Arma 3 basics with Missy


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This training session is aimed at those who live in America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia

With the influx of new guys I have decide to lend Benji and Slouchy a hand with the basic session.

The aim of the basic training's is to run through everything you will need as soon as you join teamspeak right up to when you set off for your mission with your squad. 

We will cover what happens in the FNG room, joining the server, the slotting up process, the arsenal and how to open the ace medical.

If everyone could head to the General Training room for the training and have there games loaded that would be great. Training will take place on the 2nd server if it is not being used for testing and if you do not have the IP I will give that out before we join the server.

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@Qrow19 Due to me living in the UK I can't run these sessions that cover the America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia that often but if you are in any of these countries and require help with the basics I recommend speaking to @Servok who is our Australian moderator. Everyone in FK is very willing to help out the new guys so never be afraid to ask questions, we were all new to this community at some point. When I first joined I wasn't just new to the community I was brand new to arma so I do know it is like to be brand new. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on here. :)

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I would also like a answer to this. When i responded the time was set to 6pm CET.


Edit: Ohh! Just saw that @Crazy Missy has created a new event at 6pm CET on the same day.

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@SarissaYes it is. I be doing later basics every a couple of week sfor those who live on the other side of the world and can't attend my afternoon early evening ones. 

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