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Tomo's Tiny Ops 1


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REGS+ ONLY, mission slotting starts 10 minutes after first main finishes.

SITUATION REPORT: 1st March 2017, 0600


You are a PMC that has been contacted by a famous author, who has hidden himself away in one of his retreats in the town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (he thought the name might help him hide through complexity!) to write his latest bestseller. However he has become paranoid and thinks that he is being targeted by a rich rival of his, and has such brought you in to escort him safely away.

You are driving into the island by boat (but for the sake of journey times you will start inland), and will need to commandeer civilian vehicles to make your way to him.  Once there you will fight through his onslaught of fans before making your escape with him back to your boats. 

Enemy is a PMC similar to yourself, so expect plenty of infantry and maybe light asset support.



All slots here are reservable.  Tags will be prioritised.


Mission/Alpha lead: @Gditz

2iC: @Crazy Missy

Combat Life Saver: @Legendo

Rifleman: @Trinoc


Rifleman: @BigT

Rifleman: @Not Connor

DMR: @Shroomzeh



Lead: @Maverick

2iC: @Krieg

Combat Life Saver: @Gomez919

Rifleman: @Xenborg

Rifleman: @UniDigit

Rifleman: @TheMinion


DMR: @Lyecer


Scout Drone Operator (Unarmed darter from the arsenal): @Silberjojo


SPECIAL ROLE - Author Mark Gray (I will choose the person I deem most suitable to play a paranoid fiction author): @Nova





NO NVGS (bar rangefinders) (we weren't paid enough for that fancy shit, but it's a full moon)

Uniform: TRYK shirts PAD (X+BLK) - I.E, any shirt with BLACK trousers.

Vest: TRYK Carrier Rig Lite (Brown)

Helmet: Any beanie/baseball cap or similar.

Backpacks/LR: Any non-bergen.

Primary Weapon: Any Colt M4 variant from NIARMS, Scope G33+XPS3.  Suppressors at lead discretion.

Pistol (if wanted): M1911A1

DMR: Any non-bolt action weapon up to 7.62mm. Usual scope rules.

Recommended Comments

2 hours ago, Chuck Yeager said:

We still got the RAVEN drone in the arsenal? Drone op please (tag)

Not sure what the RAVEN is off the top of my head but I was picturing the darter drone, just for scouting etc.  If you still want this you can have it.

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1 hour ago, Krieg said:

Gimmie a combat life saver please got tags

Both already taken, please choose another slot.

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12 minutes ago, TheMinion said:

drone op please

Taken by Silber now as Chuck didn't want a darter.  You'll need to pick another.

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