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Squad Leading 101: Basics


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This is the first session in a series of three that will teach you the minimum you need to know to get the SL tag. These are not mandatory sessions, but they will help you get familiar with different aspects of leading a squad. After these sessions you will not be an expert Squad Leader, you will still need to practice with keeping control of a squad, communications and actually being competent as a squad leader. You can practice everything you learn in these sessions during the main mission training sessions.

During this session we will cover the following four topics:

  • Squad Roles
  • Radios
  • Map Reading
  • Spotting

The first two topics will be theoretical; the last two will be partly theoretical but mostly practical. These are the basics we expect you to know as 2iC, although they aren't a guarantee for the 2iC tag.

All three sessions only have room for six people, no more. Anyone can attend these in the future, but for now, we are limiting it to Regs+ to give the people eligible for the tag the first chance. Current tag holders are also welcome to attend so that you can polish your skills a bit.

You can read the SL guide if you want, but this training is more a practical and more extended form of the guide. Only in the latter two sessions will the guide be of more use. Just make sure you have a brain and you should be set.

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The session will take place on server 2, we will be using TFAR during the session. We will meet in the command training room at the start of the session.

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