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Small Unit Tactics and Doctrine


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SUT-D is a training course built by myself using my experience as an assistant instructor for a different community and my hours in Arma 3. About half of these concepts apply better in a PVP environment but the fundamentals of each can be applied easily and will help promote teamwork and role play in a mission.  

ANYONE CAN JOIN, If you're a battle hardened veteran or a fresh faced recruit you are free to attend. Even if you have taken the course already it could be worth it to join in again.  

Course will be limited to 16 people MAX, 2 squads of 8 is a good show of scale for the concepts I will be teaching. if only like 4 guys show up I'll have to cancel.

We will be running this in the General Training room and on Server 2. DISABLE TASK FORCE RADIO

This should last about an hour and may even go a slight bit beyond that. NOTICE: With the edition of a new section of the training it may add another 20 minutes or so to it

BONUS: I am looking to train 1 or 2 assistants, they will be people who have already taken the course, want to be team leaders during exercises, and act as a sort of mini moderator to ensure everything runs smoothly. PM me if interested 

Sections currently included are as follows

  • CONTACT REPORTS AND COMMUNICATION - This will include the fastest and most efficient way to call out a contact to minimize both radio clutter and to make sure the information given is clear. Will include the ABC's of Communication. 


  • BASIC FORMATIONS - These will include what I consider the 3 most basic small unit formations, the advantages and disadvantages of each and how/when to deploy them.


  • FIRE COMMANDS - Basic fire commands like "Open fire" and the difference between Cease and Stop.


  • TALKING THE GUNS - How to talk guns in a firefight.


  • BOUNDING - The practice of bounding using fire teams. How and when to execute this somewhat advanced maneuver. 


  • NOW FEATURING FLANKING - This will go over The Four F's and will feature a new live fire exercise.  


  • MISC - This bit will include some smaller things like map reading, duties of basic roles, and my some personal experiences and examples using what I'v learned. May also included experimental additions to the course.



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