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Scripted Saturday!


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Event details

This session will be hosted on my spare PC/server, with the usual FK modpack.  The same usual FK rules will apply so behave!


We have a selection of missions available as always:

  • Any previous missions are always available again
  • TvT: Drop in the ocean - an entirely underwater TvT. (Limited slots)
  • TvT: Black Gold - Large amount of US VS ISIS forces, including a tank each fight for control over an oil refinery.  (Hoping to run this one as a main sometime)
  • TvT: Sugar Rush - Afghan Police stage a daring raid in a small village where a drug cartel has set up.  Intense CQC action.
  • TvT: Muh 'Mersion - 4 way TvT on the VR map in a landscape of my design.  Think laser tag with bullets.  (May not be ready in time due to scripting and framework issues)
  • A selection of Co-op missions large and small from Katla.

Each mission should take easily less than an hour, so we'll try and get 2 or 3 of them done.

Priority will be given to Regs+ if the demand is high enough, and we will meet in a temp room near the start time.  Slotting may be based on tags depending on attendance.  If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!

(RSVP is not mandatory, it's just to gauge numbers)

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13 minutes ago, SGz_Eliminated said:

Imagine making your event during the England v Sweden world cup game :(

Ew sportsball ?

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Conga Line of Neckbeards


3 hours ago, SGz_Eliminated said:

Imagine making your event during the England v Sweden world cup game :(

Good point there...

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Posted (edited)

Mission 1. "Drop in the ocean." x3

Short, confusing af PVP. Really liked it! Some additional vertical play would make it even cooler - everybody most of the time was just hugging the ocean floor, hiding in the maze. Maybe some cover/safe-ish paths in the "middle layer" of AO? Like sunken crane or something?


Mission 2. " Sugar Rush."

Breaching and house clearing in PVP is intense AF; and I actually had opportunity to patch people up! One thing: maybe gib some more ammo to medic? :D


Mission 3. "Muh 'Mersion"

Loved every second it even if our team was kinda crushed by two others :D We already pointed on additional cover and retracing paths between spawns.


Mission 4. "Death Stranded"

Oh good, that was spoopy. My heart was racing so much it almost made a foam out of my blood.

Sadly lack of people playing didn't allowed this mission to shine in full glory.

Edited by Cyico
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