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Star Trek New Horizons (Stellaris Mod)

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Yeah this is extremely short notice, less than 24 hours in fact, but I'm doing the event anyway and this is still the best place the gauge numbers and organise stuff so here it is. 

Tomorrow I'll be running a Stellaris game of Star Trek New Horizons pretty much all day with breaks here and there for food and such. Everyone is welcome, all you have to do is state what species/race you're going to choose, there can be no duplicates so if someone has already claimed a race you'll have to claim a different one.

Here are the mods:
Star Trek New Horizon
Star Trek New Horizon Submod
There are also a variety of optional mods like music and UI's for certain factions that can be found on the main mod page. 

1. PvP is allowed and if you have to leave the game outside of a break time for whatever reason your empire is still vulnerable to attack
2. As already stated you may not choose the same faction as someone else
3. No changing faction once the game has begun
4. RP is not enforced but is encouraged, try to act similar to how your empire would act. No one wants xenophile romulans and pacifist klingons. 
5. Late joining is allowed but you may be restricted on what factions yo're allowed to choose, likewise if people have to leave they're welcome to come back but as already stated will have to resume with their previous faction. 

That's it, if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me, nothing here is really set in stone.

PS. I'll be playing as the Borg so that one is already taken. 

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2 minutes ago, SMPureParadise said:

Not sure I can make it but I'd like to shoot for the Borg. 

I've already selected Borg unfortunately, reference the PS note in the original post. 

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44 minutes ago, SGz_Eliminated said:

I've already selected Borg unfortunately, reference the PS note in the original post. 

Ah my bad, I'll probably just go for whatever has not been selected then. 

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I would recommend everyone take a look at the mod by playing a short game or something, cause from what i seen this mod is gigantic in scale

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