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So essentially this is a quiz/gameshow that I have come up with. Changed it to teamspeak so more people can join and everyone can participate. 

Here is how the rounds will go:

Round 1: Movie Sequel round

Round 2: Video Games Trivia

Round 3: Cocktail round (Because why not :D)



There will be a few special questions based on a bidding system. Essentially, when i ask a bidding question, the first person to buzz in will have to say how many things they can name for the topic of the question. Then, people can buzz in and increase the bid. For example, if the question was how many MCU films you can name, and someone said "6", someone could raise them on that bid, or, if nobody wants to raise the bid, the original person will name the amount of MCU films they said (6 in this case.). If they fail to name the amount, they lose a point and are out. If anyone else bidded, they will have a chance to get a point by naming the amount they bid.

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