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Operation White Rabbit


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Co-Zeus: @Jerichron


  • This mission is going to be an off-hour mission and will be held on the first server.
  • You need to own the Apex DLC to be able to play this mission.
  • Anyone can reserve slots, including FNG's.
  • The slots are first come, first served.
  • Disclaimer: This mission takes place in the Vietnam War era but might not be historically accurate.

North Vietnamese units are holding some key locations on the islands of Tanoa.
The first location is a radio tower that needs to be destroyed by US forces to cut the enemy communications with other Vietnamese units in the area.
The second location is a heavily defended bridge that connects the airfield and the radio tower. After capturing this bridge, US forces can reach the airfield on land.
The third location is the airfield itself, the main objective here is to capture the airfield and destroy the artillery pieces.


  1. Destroy the radio tower.
  2. Capture the bridge.
  3. Assault the airfield and destroy the artillery pieces.


The AO:


  • Time and date: 0700 17th February, 1965
  • Weather: clear sky with some fog
  • Weather forecast: possibility of thunderstorms
  • Enemy forces: unidentified North Vietnamese forces
  • Enemy ground assets: probably some old soviet MBT's and APC's
  • Enemy air assets: some transport helicopters were seen in the area
  • Explosives: no IED's or suicide bombers, however tripwire mines are expected
  • Civilians: unknown
  • No asset respawn, infantry respawn at Zeus' discretion
  • RRR is available at the US Base
  • Reinforcements need to be transported to AO by Raptor
  • Mission success: if all 3 objectives are completed
  • Mission failure: if every bird gets destroyed


  • No NVG
  • No GPS (except for Raptor pilots)
  • No rangefinders
  • No weapon scopes (except for Marksman)
  • No suppressors
  • Only the Platoon Leader, FAC, Radio Operators and Raptor Pilots can take LR radios
  • Marksmen are allowed to take the M1903A1 sniper variant
  • Only two LAT's per squad (the Marksman is not allowed to take LAT)


  • Uniform: Combat Uniform Olive Drab
  • Vest: ALICE Webbing / Slash Bandolier (Olive)
  • Helmet: M1 (any variant) / HGU-56/P (any variant)
  • Backpack: ALICE Pack (OD)
  •     - Long-range radio: Bergen Olive (any variant)
  • Primary weapons: M1 Garand, M3A1, M14, M16A4, M21, Colt Carbine, M590A1, M79
  •     - Autorifle: M60
  •     - Marksman rifle: M1903A1 Sniper (optional)
  • Secondary weapon: M1911A1
  • Launcher: M72A7


- 2x UH-1H "Huey" (with rocket pods)
- 2x UH-1H "Huey" (without rocket pods)
- 1x CH-47F "Chinook" (as reserve)

Zeus - Malbryn
Co-Zeus - Jerichron

Platoon Leader - @rylo
FAC - @Hyxogen
Medic - @FloofyFloof

Squad Leader - @EHOPPPS
Radio Operator - @YoshiGames
Medic - @AngryScottishMan
Autorifleman - @Northman
Ass. Autorifleman - @Prometheus13
Rifleman - @Anorix
Rifleman - @PinkMunn
Marksman - @Pastor Of Muppets

Squad Leader - 
Radio Operator - 
Medic - @RedNexus
Autorifleman - 
Ass. Autorifleman - 
Rifleman - @phixe
Rifleman -
Marksman - @Cpt. Cheese

[RAPTOR - "Eagle"]
1-1 Pilot - @Barcuck Osama
1-1 Crew chief - @Frankasaurus Rex

1-2 Pilot - @Mesa
1-2 Crew chief - @BenFromTTG


(If we have more people at start, a Charlie squad can be created.)

Recommended Comments

2 hours ago, Barcuck Osama said:

Nvm, first come first served I see. Gib 1-2 pilot (unless @Mesa is fine swapping Flight Lead?).

It is fine! I would prefer you as flight lead :P I can take 1-2 instead @Malbryn, thenks!

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Posted (edited)

alpha AAR please--

UPDATE= I'm sorry, but something has come up and I'm not able to participate, please remove my name from the list


Edited by Prometheus13

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Bravo radio OP please (no tags)

edit: well, this is now of no consequence whatsoever  

Edited by HugoCoin

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Sorry i didn't show up guys. I was asleep recovering from a night shift and probably should've told you earlier. What'd i miss?

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