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Small Unit Tactics and Doctrine (SUT-D) Training course. [LOCAL HOST]

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SUT-D is a training course built by myself using my experience as an assistant instructor in Squad for SquadOps with their SOTT training program and my time and experience in Arma 3. About half of these concepts apply better in a PVP environment but the fundamentals of each can be applied easily to PVE and will help promote teamwork and role play in future missions.   

ANYONE CAN JOIN, If you're a hardened veteran or a fresh faced recruit you are free to attend. 

Course will be limited to 16 people MAX, 2 squads of 8 is a good show of scale for the concepts I will be teaching. I will also allow 1 person to join in to act as a moderator to insure that thing run smoothly and to take screenshots. 


This training event will be a LOCAL HOST, server details and password will be given the day of. Just use your normal FK Mod set it should work just fine. We'll be using the General Training room in TS.  DISABLE TASK FORCE RADIO

Sections currently included are as follows

  • CONTACT REPORTS AND COMMUNICATION - This will include the fastest and most efficient way to call out a contact to minimize both radio clutter and to make sure the information given is clear. Will include the ABC's of Communication. 


  • BASIC FORMATIONS - These will include what I consider the 3 most basic small unit formations, the advantages and disadvantages of each and how/when to deploy them.


  • FIRE COMMANDS - Basic fire commands like "Open fire" and the difference between Cease and Stop.


  • TALKING THE GUNS - How to talk guns in a firefight.


  • BOUNDING - The practice of bounding using fire teams. How and when to execute this somewhat advanced maneuver.   


  • MISC - This bit will include some smaller things like map reading, duties of basic roles, and my some personal experiences and examples using what I'v learned.

If we have free time I'd like to test a new concept I want to include in the course. 

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