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Main Zeus: Servok

CoZeus: @Winters & @Lerto


Welcome to Zagabad, you are tasked with rescuing as many civvies in the marked area as you can whilst dealing with some unruly locals that don't seem to like your presence very much. You will be starting at spawn so you can load your vehicles as required.

Your platoon is going to be limited on medics we dont have many to spare, for this mission, that's what they told us so we are sticking with it. In saying that we have managed to find enough dollarydoos in our defense budget to supply the platoon with 3 x 82mm mortars and 2 x MAT launchers so there is that I guess.

Oh I forgot to mention that the vehicles will have a stock of first aid kits to hopefully keep yourself stable enough for our good friends the medics to get there in time to stitch your ass back together so you can go and get sh... back in the fight. 

There will be some enemy presence in the town a bit here and there but nothing you fine soldiers wont be able to deal with as you can probably happily use the mortars to help out outside of the marked area to provide so barrage to soften the blow.

Try not to blow too much up though would like the populace to like us at some point in the future, the whole we are the good guys should ring a bell.


More information on the platoon layout down below, good luck as you might need it to get home in one piece depending on the medics.


There will be 4 x respawn waves for platoon to use.

Gear Restrictions:

Uniform MTP variant.

Steyr A3 for rifleman

Minimi for AR

MAT 8 x Rounds each. 

Infantry platoon.

Platoon setup -

No medics in squads or platoon element.

Medic in squads become 2nd AR


Mortar will have a resupply truck


Platoon -

Platoon Lead - Same - Reservable - Drago (NO TAGS)

2IC - Same - Reservable -Frankasaurus (NO TAGS)

Medic - Rifleman

FAC - Rifleman

RTO - Same - Reservable - LEGENDO (EVAL?)

Drone Op - Rifleman


All Squads

SL - Same - Reservable - No GL

2IC - Same - Reservable       

Medic - AR

AR - Same

AAR - Same

Rifleman (LAT) - Same

Rifleman (LAT) - Same

Rifleman - Combat Engineer ONLY one allowed entrenching tool, wire cutters and explosives



B SL - 




Spotter - Medic Lead - Reservable - EHOPPS (TAGS)

Sniper - Medic - Reservable - CONGA (TAGS)



Gunner - Medic 2IC - Reservable - SilentGunner (TAG)

Assistant - Medic - Reservable - MUSEMAN (TAGS)


Raptor - Anti Tank

Raptor Slot 1 - SL - Reservable - No GL

Raptor Slot 2 - MAT - Reservable - Colt92

Raptor Slot 3 - MAT - Reservable - Angryscotsman

Raptor Slot 4 - Loader

Raptor Slot 5 - Loader


Knight - Mortar Team

Knight Slot 1 - SL/Loader - Reservable - No GL - HYDROXEN (NO TAGS)

Knight Slot 2 - Loader - Reservable - Xenomt (FNG)

Knight Slot 3 - Loader - Reservable -

Knight Slot 4 - Gunner - Reservable - 

Knight Slot 5 - Gunner - Reservable - PASTOR (TAGS)

Knight Slot 6 - Gunner - Reservable - Yoshi (NO TAGS)

Recommended Comments

Conga Line of Neckbeards


Give one of the ordinary Medics, please (not the leads, cause no-one wants that...). Med tag.

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Can i go for Medic Lead got med tags, if you are not using med tags for that ill go for any of the mortar gunner please (tags)

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Can I get a McMedic slot? 

I'd prefer the non command role but if nobody else takes it I don't mind taking the 2ic i guess

I hab them tags boi

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Frankasaurus Rex


Platoon 2iC, Reg, no tags.

Willing to scoot up to a different role if someone more competent arrives but I'll take it for now.

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Posted (edited)

I put in a comment about not being able to go but that's a different day

Edited by RedNexus
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