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Rabit Salvokelk

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Hi all,


I've been getting into this streaming business a bit and i thought perhaps its time to advertise myself as well as my stream and so I am doing a giveaway of a number of steam keys on "www.twitch.tv/rabitsalvokelk" and I wish to include everyone in our community, who might be interested. I will start the stream roughly 12.00 EET and do a bit of Q&A, maybe stream some game for a while before starting the giveaway itself. Currently i'm planning on carrying out the giveaway roughly between 14.00 - 16.00 but starting the stream earlier in order to give people time to discover the giveaway itself either through browsing or word of mouth.


Currently planned giveaway list:


Uurnog Uurnlimited

Tiny Echo

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy




Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

The Long Dark

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition



If you have any questions/concerns or issues please either PM me or  write a comment.


Thanks and kind regards,

Rabit Salvokelk



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Frankasaurus Rex


I already have most of the games so i won't be parttaking in the giveaway, but I'll certainly come and check the stream, even if it's for just a second! What are you planning on playing if you don't mind me asking?

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Lately I've mostly been playing Dota 2 with a few buddies, streamed zeusing a few times as well as arma missions, Doom(2016), elite dangerous etc. I'll see if there is anyone online to get an arma mission going or a dota mach running. If not then i might finally try out Overwatch or some SP game. Well whatever comes to mind to be honest

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