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(CANCELED) Small Ops, ODA 595

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SMPureParadise Mission


Operation Enduring Freedom

Oct. 19, 2001


ODA 595 Task Force Dagger






Your team has been selected to be the first US forces sent into Afghanistan in the war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The situation here is fickle so we need a team like yours to be both a hammer and a scalpel.


The Taliban have spent years consolidating their power in the region by taking over towns and villages and enforcing their rule through terror. A large afghan force called The Northern Alliance has been opposing them in the years since but unfortunately it seems that the Alliance is not an unified as we had once believed. It seems that a General Dostum has the largest amount of fighters and whose territory is in close proximity to this region's largest town and airfield so you will be inserted to assist him.

That assistance will primarily come in the form of directing airstrikes on Taliban targets during the Militia’s assaults on the held towns and villages. We have reliable intel that the Taliban have a large number of soviet era arms and armor, including up to t-72’s and other APC’s and IFV’s. We can confirm the presence of MI-8’s and MI-24’s on the airfield but our intel shows they do not have the fuel to get them in the air.

The militia has limited ground vehicles so expect to be on foot the majority of your mission, capturing enemy transports is highly recommended. The Taliban have no idea you are in the AO and are relaxed in their territory so use that to your advantage when conducting your strikes. We also have intel that an influx of Al-Qaeda fighters having been either passing through or reinforcing their ranks. Al-Qaeda fighters will be better equipped and better trained.

You will be inserted via a CH47 and await for General Dostum’s escorts, pack for a multi day operation. Good luck, give em hell.            






  1. Insert into the AO and await escort from local militia

You will be inserted via CH47 in the mountains within General Dostum’s territory. Once you hit the ground you are to dig in and await for the escort arranged by the general.  

  1. Meet with General Dostum

General Dostum will meet you at his main camp, he will go over his battle plan with you there.   

  1. Take the 3 towns

The overall objective for your mission is to kick the Taliban and Al-Qaeda out of the country, this will be done by capturing 3 major strongholds in the region along with the local militias.      



  1. Call in enemy positions for bombs strikes
    An A/10A will be flying overhead and is loaded with bombs, use your JTAC teams to call in the strikes.  

  2. Support the Militia

Keeping the Militia happy and on our side is a huge priority, you will be dropped with a bag of “gifts” for the general which must be delivered to him.







1X Pilot, will start in CH47 then switch over A/10A loaded with bombs ONLY. you will get 3 resupplies.



CO ZEUS (will be in charge of friendly militia, lots of role play) - 

Alpha Team

SL - @BenFromTTG (No Tags)

2IC (JTAC) - @Hyxogen (FAC TAGS)

Bravo Team

SL - @TrainDoctor (2ic Tags)

2IC (JTAC) - @colt92 (no tags)


Pilot (CH47 then A-10) - @Barcuck Osama (FW tags)




  • 1 M24 SWS with 10 magazines MAX may be taken in a backpack with the shooter being chosen by the team leads

  • NO AR team

  • 2ic will be acting as a JTAC for the airstrikes, (FAC TAGS)

  • You are encouraged to take as much as you can fit in your packs when you go in country. The Militia will provide storage once you reach their base. 



ODA Operators

Uniform - G3 Field set (3CD), Fleece and PCU variations are allowed


Vest - Carrier Lite (green), Carrier Rig (green), Chest Rig (any), Slash Bandolier (any), Tactical Chest Rig (any), ALICE Webbing, MBAV Ranger Green (any), MarCiras (RGR)    


Helmet - Bandana (any), Beanie (any), Booniehat (any), Cap (any)


Backpack - Any ,Bergen JTAC for 2ic’s


Eyewear - Any


NVG - gen 1 or 2


Weapons - M4, M4A1, M4A1 PIP, M9



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I encourage you all to watch 12 strong for an idea of what I'm trying to achieve here. This mission was inspired by the film and actual events. 

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Conga Line of Neckbeards


5 hours ago, SMPureParadise said:

I encourage you all to watch 12 strong for an idea of what I'm trying to achieve here. This mission was inspired by the film and actual events. 

That movie was pretty bad though...

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Just so people are aware, This mission could easily run at or over 2 hours so plan for that. Expect a slow start with breaks between the large engagements. If it does go on too long I may end the mission and write up a part 2. 

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Going to have to postpone due to family issues, will try to run it again within the next few weeks. when I do decide to do that I will allow people who have reserved slots here to reserve the same slots. 

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