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Event details

Karts DLC Required

Race 1 - Altis

Probably on my server

In case you haven't figured it out yet it's my bday on Tuesday and to celebrate we gonna do some racing. 

There will be two parts to this event. The first part will be more casual and a laugh where the second part will be a competition but still casual.



The first part of the event will be based around a small/medium circuit that will have several obstacles that you find in your favorite games like AP mines and snipers. The aim of the game here is to complete several laps of this circuit first. If you die then you will be respawned and placed back in your death location/and invincible for 3 seconds. 


The second part will be a F1 style race. This will be a medium/large track and will have several sub-events.

Free Practice (15 mins) - Learn the track.

Qualifying (3 x 1 lap) - this will consist of a group all racing around a track for a small portion of laps. The bottom 30% to cross the line will be removed each round, this will decide your starting positions. 

The Race (Around 5 - 15 Laps TBC) The race, points awarded for top 45% and will be added to the league table. 

There will be no mines ect on this track just sharp corners, cities and open roads.

You will race in teams of two, however, if they come first you don't so you can still race them. 



The rules for the first race is that there are no rules. The second one, however, has some.

Collisions are to be avoided (if it is seen that you deliberately caused a collision then a penalty will be given)

Keep to the track limits (No offroading)

Stewards decision is final. 



Commentary, as well as live streaming, will be done via my twitch for those who can't make it but still want to watch. Link below.


Current Scores

Driver Standings

As this is the start of the season no scores recorded as of yet.

Team Standings

As this is the start of the season no scores recorded as of yet.



Slotting is as below

Anyone can request a slot

Team names can be changed to a brand, however, must fit the teams colour scheme. 

Team Bluking

Driver 1        EMPTY

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Fuel

Driver 1        EMPTY

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Daft Punk

Driver 1        @phixe

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team DUI

Driver 1        @Pastor Of Muppets

Driver 2        @Skate

Team Black 

Driver 1        EMPTY

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Blue

Driver 1        EMPTY

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Green

Driver 1        EMPTY

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Orange 

Driver 1        EMPTY

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Rednecks

Driver 1        @RedNexus

Driver 2        @Prometheus13

Team Top Gear

Driver 1        @AngryScottishMan

Driver 2        EMPTY

Team Osprey

Driver 1        @Northman

Driver 2        EMPTY

Recommended Comments

Frankasaurus Rex


Oah mate you have no clue how long I've been wanting to do this kind of 'mission', but sadly i am not at my mother's house on Tuesday so i'm going to have to bail out. If i can help you with any promotional material, footage editing, maybe even graphics, ring me up because i am hyped for this.

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REALLY wanted to join but unfortunatly i can't, ill be cheering you all on as soon as i get off work and watch the stream


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