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This will be a closed event for people who have made their interest in FAC training clear to me. (I might open it, if you are interested drop a comment below)

@Frankasaurus Rex @PinkMunn @Fletch @Joshr @YoshiGames @colt92 ( @Hyxogen you want to assist?^^)
You guys, since im stripped for time, we're gonna have to do it this way. Training's gonna go ahead if three of you say they can make it. 

The training will cover the guide and possibly some more advanced stuff (or 6-Line training) ( @gadsada @cineafx if you guys got anyone in training or wanna fly some jetplanes yourself, drop a comment please)

We'll be using one of the servers. (preferably the second one, if it is available.)


See you there.

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Frankasaurus Rex


Got mandatory classes until 16:30 local (30 mins before start) and an hour of travel time, so I can guarantee that I can't make the first half hour, but after that I should be alright. Let me know if I'm still welcome by that time.

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If i'm reading this correctly this is Friday from 12:30pm (past noon) my time (Central Standard US for me)? If I could just get a confirmation of that. It'd be worth it for me to take a day off work to make that happen. 

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Frankasaurus Rex


Can't make it sadly. Starts off when I'm still on a train home, and ends when I have to eat dinner. I'll make time for the next one but I sadly will have to call off this one :(

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