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Unoffical Prophet Training


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Hey mates,

Unofficial Prophet training hoping this is a good time for NA peeps. 

This training is going over the basic of a prophet's role, equipment and some fieldcraft.

We will start with learning the basics of the equipment and what it is used for so you can at least understand how and why the equipment is used.

Role this is going to be more about your not just a shooty stick but more of an intelligence broker for platoon when little is known about the objectives they will be assaulting.

Fieldcraft isnt huge against AI but is useful in your TvT style games and is just handy all round as it will touch on what cover to use and how to remain hidden when needed.

Going to go into more detail in the training but those are the basic outlines of whats going to be involved.

This doesnt count towards your evals as it is unofficial but this will give you the basics towards the more indepth stuff Rorkiy will teach you for your eval.

This training is available for FNGs and above as this will benefit most people wanting to learn and aim to gain their tags.

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