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Operation 속초에 대한 공격 part 1


Mission Planner

Event details


Co Zeus: @Sarissa

Operation 속초에 대한 공격 part 1 






25th June 1950:

1 hour ago our comrades to our west fired the first shots against our enemies in the south. 

Comrades! We have been tasked to disrupt enemy communications by capturing a vital radio tower in the ROK's communication grid.

High command has sent a T34 tank to assist us as well as a squad of special forces that will dress as ROK forces.


Mission objectives 

  • Destroy 'Checkpoint G' to allow reinforcements easier access to us.
  • Capture the radio tower on top of Green Mountain.
  • The special forces objective (briefed separately). 



  • 1x T34 (four crew)
  • 1x special forces squad (six people)



Scouts have reported that the ROK forces are heavily dug in around Green Mountain.

Their defenses include heavy machineguns, mortars and an AT gun.

However, despite their fortifications, we expect the ROK forces to counter assault our lines.



Equipment restrictions

Helmet: ssh-68 or field cap NK (tsh-4 (any variant) for tankers)  

Uniform: North Korea infantry (North Korea infantry (LT) for PLT)

Vest: none     

Backpack: Sidor 

Rifle: Mosin Nagant M38 (4 AKMs per squad)

No AR 

Pistol: Nambu, T-33 or PM

No launchers

Binoculars: binoculars or periscope


No NVGs (its a day mission anyway) 

Grenades: 8 F1s and 4 RGD-2s per squad

Ammo: 120 Rounds max, per person, shared between all weapons. 

You may pick up enemy weapons

No weapon accessories


Special forces squad (Dressed as ROK forces)


Uniform: M93 (OG-107) 

Vest: PLCE webbing olive (plate)

Helmet: Any M1 helmet Vest: PLCE webbing olive (plate) 

Backpack: Bergan olive rifleman A/B (LR: Assault pack bussole

Rifle: M1 Garand, M3A1 

Marksman rifle: M1903A1 (Sniper) 

Pistol: M1911 

Special forces can take as much ammo as they wish 

Special forces may take weapon attachments 

all other restrictions apply







ALL RESERVABLE SLOTS BELOW WILL BE MARKED AS OPEN Slot reserving ends half an hour before start



Platoon leader: @NeilZar

Platoon RTO: OPEN


Alpha Squad Leader: @EHOPPPS

Alpha medic: @Museman7


Bravo Squad Leader: @Jerichron (TL tags)

Bravo medic: @NaWry


Charlie Squad Leader: OPEN

Charlie medic: @FloofyFloof


Delta Squad Leader: @Cpt. Hawkeye

Delta medic: @Wafflefox


Echo Squad Leader: OPEN

Echo medic: OPEN


T34 commander: OPEN

T34 gunner: @Fred (no tags)

T34 hull gunner: @Veagance

T34 driver: OPEN


Special forces SL: @andyt90 (TL tags)

Special forces Medic: @Beyond

Special forces Marksman: @Godzi

Special forces Marksman: @Patheticflower

Special forces rifleman: @Tobe

Special forces rifleman: @SilentGunner13

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Posted (edited)

Seems i got time.
I got Medic Tags.
Slot me in Charlie or Delta, you're choice.

Edited by Wafflefox

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