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[ArmA3/COD Zombies] The Last Resort

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The Last Resort

Starting at 9.00pm UK/After 1st Main

After a C-130 Crash on a resort runway in the Middle East, a small force of Tier 1 operatives, with only their handguns and wit must survive until they die, or find a way out. But an unknown force is on the horizon, one which the likes of have never been seen before. Can these elite soldiers escape, or will they die trying?

http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mzr22wi1inyqfh/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+Zombies.html - MODSET


You are a small Tier 1 Recon Team that was on an op out in the middle east. After an engine was shot out by AA, the Pilot performed an emergency landing at a resort on the outskirts of the war zone. With only 6 of your squad left, you move into the main resort. The resort is empty, and parts of the resort are damaged or derelict. You must survive and scavenge supplies until you can contact an exfiltration force.


You have a 1911 and 10 mags. You are to scavenge around to find weapons and ammo around the resort. The gameplay functions as a traditional zombies map, similar to that of Nacht Der Untoten. It features multiple barricades which will be unlocked after reaching certain waves. It also features a mystery box featuring over 30 weapons.


  • No going outside of the buildings and into the open. They are only entrances for zombies to get in, not you to get out. If a door doesn't lead into a corridor, you cant go there
  • Barricades are opened after a certain amount of Waves.
  • There is a medical kit in the spawn room that heals any wounds, but takes a long time to heal yourself
  • Fatigue/stamina is disabled. Sprint all you want!


Slots are first come first serve, priority doesn't matter

Survivor Leader - @Cpt. Hawkeye

Survivor Medic - @MarloK (doesn't need to know how to medic, just for muh'mmersion)

Survivor 1-1 - @Glad1us

Survivor 1-2 - @Fletch

Survivor 1-3 - @Prometheus13

Survivor 1-4 - @Thranwulf

Co-Zeus - @samchaddy00

Recommended Comments

Is this after 1st main or at the top of the hour? I'm planning on playing 1st main.

Is this on FK server, or localhost?

If FK, and after 1st main, 1-4 please.

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