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 Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan

2nd Sever - Off Hours

Map: Zargabad

Date: February 21st 2002

Time of day: 1am

Estimated Mission time: 7am

Involving: USAF Tier 1 Operators

Advised Uniform: See Uniform Section


This mission like most of my mission will have implications on every other mission I run, this means destroying property, killing civs, loss of assets and failure of the mission will have implications even after this campaign.

This particular mission will have a large impact upon the rest of the campaign and the consequences of any decisions should be taken into account. 


After the September 11 attacks, the USA has declared war on Terrorism. Al-Qaeda has a strong foothold in Afghanistan and the underequipped Afghan National Army is struggling to stay in control. Most of the country is under Warlord rule. Al-Qaeda is well armed because of the Mujahideen war in the late 1980s this will mean our job will be a lot harder.

Previously we managed to capture the airfield and set up an HQ, minimal losses were made, and we secured a good sector surrounding the airfield and have set up more hardened checkpoints (Blue markers on map). We have secured and set up FOB Badger and entrenched our foothold in Afghanistan whilst helping the locals. Further Information regarding previous missions can be found in the Operation Thread (Link at the bottom)



MAP:  https://imgur.com/a/8xyMLkJ

Target (Pay attention to facial details, not clothing): https://imgur.com/a/iSpxBpu

One of our informants has intel of apparent high importance. For the purpose of this mission, the target (Fajid Ahmed) will be referred to as "Arcadia". Your team is to infiltrate the city retrieve the intel from Arcadia at his house and then regroup with a supporting team (Brimstone) for exfill. You will use 2 Nissan (PKM)s to infill and pose as members of Arcadias Militia allowing this mission to proceed covertly. Crossroads (Codenamed Flintlock) will provide information and assistance to the team via the use of UAV.


Hostile Forces Composition:

Soviet Bloc equipment left over from Soviet-Mujahideen war.

Anything you would expect from Al-Qaeda forces

Any intel we gather are listed in previous AARs


ROE: Green, this is hostile territory and a deniable op, you are clear hot on anything that threatens you however it is advised that you don't engage unless you must. 



None, unless crossroads is feeling very generous.



Other items can be requested providing they would fit in with a Taliban solider. 

Uniform: Any Guerilla Coveralls (Taliban)

Headgear: Any Shemagh, Turban or Bandana

Rifle: Any M4 or AK (Silencers are highly recommended)

No GLs

Max 2 Lethal, 2 Non-Lethal (Smokes or flash) grenades per person (Leadership roles can take 2 extra coloured smokes and 1 extra white smoke).



Retrieve intel and exfill



All squad KIA

Multiple infractions of behaviour deemed reckless by crossroads, for example levelling civilian buildings, killing wildlife or needless sacrificing of friendly forces.



FNGs can request slotting, normal priority (Tags>Reg+>FNG) however I will be playing favourites.

Slotting is finalised 1 hour before mission start.


Team Corkscrew







Other Info:

Crossroads can try to provide any support you need, could be A-10, Arty or armour, you will need to call this in through Crossroads and he can consult the appropriate “commander” as to whether said support is possible.

Consult the link below for further information on this campaign:


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