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Takistan-Op 067


Mission Planner

Event details

The SOF used in this story are entirely fictional.



Mission Briefing:

Aftermath of Al Rayak operation is as follows:

Third party group (Unnamed PMC) crippled and chased out of the country, operational capability has been nullified.

2xNuclear Devices of unknown payload sent offshore. Location determined to be takistan. Manifest contains details of delivery locations and names of recipients (withheld until CIA clearance is granted).

Your mission is to locate and secure both devices, prevent possible activation at all costs, coordinate with CIA liason to gather any further intelligence on recipients (names withheld) and possible origin of devices.

Enemy Composition:

Most likely to encounter local insurgents along mountain passes and roads. (Lightly armoured and equipped, minimal threat)
Most likely to encounter Takistani government forces at main strongholds (Heavier Armour and possible armed aircraft, High threat)
Possibility of hired contract forces (Unknown composition, Unknown threat)


You will be provided:
M2A3 (BUSK III) Rhino 1-1
M2A3 (BUSK III) Rhino 1-2
M6A2 Swatter 2-1

If operations in this country are to be continued, further support will be provided.

Displayed-Armour Crew


Displayed (Left to Right)-Marksman, Grenadier, Rifleman MAT, Rifleman LAT, Rifleman


Displayed (Left to Right)-Team Lead, Squad Lead

Helmet-Airframe 06 (KHK) [Exceptions-SL, TL, Armoured Crew]
Vest-JPC Assaulter + Belt (KHK) [Exceptions-Grenadier, LMG, MMG]
Uniform-Fleece + G3 Pants (RGR)
Backpack- NONE [Exceptions-SL, Medic, Carriers (MAT carry, MMG carry, LMG carry)]
Binoculars- NONE [Exceptions-SL, TL, Armoured Crew]
Pistol- Sig Sauer Mk25-D 1+1
Ammunition- 6+1 Magazines (20rnd,30rnd), 2xL50A1 Smoke, 2xM67 Frag [Exceptions- MMG, LMG, Grenadier, Armoured Crew]



Equipment-[Classes](Carry=Ammo assistant, crossloaded ammunition in accordance with Squad Leader's preferences):


Squad Leader-[M4A1 Block II (Desert)-TA31RCO (Desert)],[RT-1523G (ASIP) Sage],[Airframe 06 (CB Hexagon)],[Laser Designator (Sand) + Vector 21 Nite]
Team Leader-[M4A1 PIP (Desert)-TA31RCO (Desert)],[Airframe 06 (RGR Hexagon)],[Vector 21 Nite]
Medic-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[Patrol 01 (KHK)]
LMG-[M249 PIP (Short/Para)-M552 CCO] 4+1 (200rnd Softpack),[JPC HeavyGunner + Belt (KHK)]
MMG-[M240G-M145 MGO] 5+1 (100rnd Box),[JPC HeavyGunner + Belt (KHK)]
Marksman-[Mk 11 Mod 0 (EC/Desert)-KAHLES Helia (Tan)]
Grenadier-[M4A1 PIP (Desert/M203S)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[M441 HE Grenade Roundx3+1, Smoke Round (Red)x2, Smoke Rounde (White)x1, Smoke Round (Green)x1],[JPC Grenadier + Belt (KHK)]
Rifleman MAT-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[M3 MAAWS + Optic, 1xFFV751 HEAT]
Rifleman MAT Carry-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[Kitbag (Tan)],[3xFFV751 HEAT]
Rifleman LAT-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[M136 HEAT]
Rifleman (MMG Carry)-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[MarCiras Back Panel Pointman (KHK)],[100rnd Box x 3]
Rifleman (LMG Carry)-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)],[MarCiras Back Panel Pointman (KHK)],[200rnd Softpack x 2]
Rifleman-[Mk 18 Mod 1 (Desert/SOPDMOD Stock)-M552 CCO (Desert)]
Armoured Crew-[MP7A2-M68 CCO] (4+1 40rnd), [ACVC-H MK-1697],[Binoculars],[Kitbag (Tan)],[Repair Kit]


Slots (Tags>Regs+ as per standard) (RTO and PLTN take SL loadouts):

Pltn: @PinkMunn (No Tags)
RTO: @Hyxogen

A Medic:
A TL 1:
A TL 2:

B Medic:
B TL 1:
B TL 2:

C Medic: @FloofyFloof
C TL 1:
C TL 2:

D SL: @Spooks (No Tags)
D Medic: @SilentGunner13
D TL 1: @Whiskers (No Tags)
D TL 2:

E Medic:
E TL 1:
E TL 2:

Rhino 1-1
Cmd: @Tomo
Gunner: @NaWry
Driver: @YoshiGames (No Tags)

Rhino 1-2
Cmd: @EHOPPPS (No Tags)
Gunner: @Patheticflower (No Tags)
Driver: @Franc (No Tags)

Swatter 2-1
Cmd: @colt92
Gunner: @Winters
Driver: @samchaddy00 (No Tags)

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18 hours ago, gadsada said:

Good to Know

You didn't reserved a slot for me. I believe this is unintentionally.

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7 hours ago, Glad1us said:

You didn't reserved a slot for me. I believe this is unintentionally.


On 28/01/2019 at 22:06, SilentGunner13 said:

Delta medic please, tags.


On 28/01/2019 at 21:22, Glad1us said:

Medic with tags, please.




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