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Post Scriptum - The Bloody Seventh

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Post Scriptum Steam Store Page:


($30, about 20-22 if you're European)


Post Scriptum is a squad based WW2 game. It was created by Squad modders and devs, and runs off of the Squad engine. You can play as 101st Airborne, 1st Airborne, Panzer SS, and even Polish Armed Forces. You can play as a squad, commander, logistics, or tanks with a range of Stugs to Panthers, and Churchills to armored cars. Post Scriptum is built to have many different situations, and it leads to some really fun moments if you have a full squad with mics.



Post Scriptum quickly died out as most early access games do. It is a sad fate that happens to many games, however, many updates have been done that has fixed the game to the point I almost enjoy it more than Arma 3. There was an event back in August that gained quite a few people (more than who RSVPed) and we had a very good time. I want to kind of revive that, and see who would enjoy playing after 1st EU main. 

No squad slots will be reserved, this is really just to see who owns the game and wants to play. Casual play, memes welcome.

Recommended Comments

Two servers I would highly recommend are the Squad Ops and 7th Cav servers. 

7th Cav have a lot of servers with a fair population and good teamplay.

I'm biased for Ops servers since I used to roll with them back in the day, expect a bit more milsim from their server. 

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